Galaxy Note 2 sign-up page live at Samsung site


Interested in that shiny new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 shown off yesterday at IFA? If you’re itching for a bit more info, like, say, when you might be able to get your hands one one, Samsung has gone live with a sign-up page at their site. For now the Note 2 is destined for several European carriers and can be expected to touch down in Samsung’s native Korea. An official statement says it will be coming to the US before the end of the year, but when and where is the sort of question that might be answered by providing Samsung with a few basic details in order to receive updates as they come.

[via TMoNews]

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  1. Note to samsung: On the benefits page at the bottom under Power Performance at it’s best, it lists the battery size as “100 mah” that’s obviously a typo.

  2. well obviously……duhhhhhhh

  3. too big and too expensive..

  4. Sign up is obviously only for those with a zip code. In Europe we won’t have to wait so long as phones not tied to networks are widely available.

  5. im gunna trust that phandroid.com will provide me with more note II intel then this sign up sheet will ever provide. so ill just keep following you on twitter!

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