Sprint lights up 4G LTE in four more cities


Sprint is slowly but surely expanding its 4G LTE footprint with the announcement that the next-gen network is now live in four additional cities. Locations include Baltimore, MD; Gainesville, GA; Manhattan/Junction City, KS; and Sedalia, MO. Complimenting the expansion is the rollout of Sprint’s enhanced 3G service in regions including Baltimore, Boston, and Washington, DC. The improved 3G network should provide subscribers with faster data speeds and better coverage overall. Sprint plans to complete the rollout of its new 4G and 3G services by the end of 2012.

[via Sprint]

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  1. I have yet to see any improvements here in the Michiana area of Northern Indiana and southern Michigan personally. Service on boost mobile still stinks.

  2. Sedalia is a tiny town. I wonder how far outside the town you can get it. Hopefully they don’t stop there and get some coverage over the lakes.

  3. Still dealing with slow data in southeast Michigan. Yes, i complain a lot to sprint about it, for the money they charge thru should offer better 3g to begin with

    1. I hear you on this matter my brother. We have been waiting way too long

      1. Sad things is, i had tmobile before switching to sprint. TMobile only offered 2g here, and sprint has 3g. But TMobile’s 2g is actually 5 times faster than sprints 3g. False advertising id you ask me

        1. nah i wouldnt say false advertising, my 3g actually used to be pretty decent, i used to get about 2.2 mbps on sprint 3g… then i guess sprint got too many sprint 3g customers it can handle cuz now i range between .03 and .09 on average

          1. I have to agree sprint uses to be beter back when I had my blackberry i was on sprint and i never had a problem with speeds

        2. ive experianced both T-Mobile 2g I got at best .13mbps sprint (boost&virgin)3g most ive seen 2.25mbps bit average .5mbps

          1. Really? When I had Tmo, everytime I hit 2G, I get .5Mbps straight. It didn’t stutter all too much.

            I actually get speeds down to .1Mbps on Sprint’s 3G. It’s so sad. It doesn’t drop down to 1X yet. This is still their 3G.

            I can’t wait until the end of 2012

          2. well coverage will vary in different markets but T-Mobile their 2g sucks where I live but their 4g is amazing I’m just waiting here on boost mobile WiMAX when I see the 3g speeds spike up ill know lte will be avalible and ill sign a contract with sprint. I love sprint since they seem to be the only reasonable carrier. I got tired of Verizon’s rediculusly high bills T-Mobile sent me a bill one month for $1,000 and could not explain why it was so high and really expected me to pay and at&t is smoking crack they want a $750 deposit I know my credit sucks but I could buy any phone outright and unlock it put in a straight talk sim and pay for almost a year service of unlimited everything for what it would cost to just estabish service with a decent phone.

          3. On TMobile i would get 300kbps average, on sprint i get 50kbps if I’m lucky

  4. I am really hating Sprint right now. My Gnex is the only thing good that came out of that hell hole. I am seriously considering T-Mobile right now if their unlimited is really unlimited.

  5. Pretty sure that should say “by the end of 2013.”

  6. No love for south Florida, the reception and Internet speeds are a joke compared to my girlfriends 3g on tmo S2… I guess I’ll be switching back to tmo soon if this doesn’t change soon!

  7. this is my last tour with sprint unless things improve dramatically. coverage on my S3 in Chicago suburbs is horrible. They keep saying they will have 4G sometime, but I have stopped holding my breath.

    1. Actually, Chicago is probably only about two months away from LTE. The market there is almost 50% deployed. While the upgrades are being installed, it is known that service is being interrupted…

      The being said, I’m in DC and I haven’t seen any “improved” 3G speeds yet… so I’m not sure what they are talking about unless they mean the 20 or so sites that have been upgraded (that are no where near me!)

  8. When SPRINT LTE will come to MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA??????

    1. has some information for various LTE launch schedules.

  9. Sprint treats Mississippi like a red headed step child an shows Mississippi no love and we won’t ever get LTE or improved 3g. Might be time to jump ship because Verizon and C-Spire both got LTE up and running out in here

    1. Sprint is overhauling every one of their towers. So, wrong..

      1. And at such speed, too! I mean, why should we complain when we can definitely expect some LTE in MS by 2015.

        1. The plan was actually to complete it by the end of 2013. Admittedly, chances are they will miss that goal. But there is really nothing about the LTE network upgrade that is like the WiMax partnering agreement with Clear. I’m not saying Sprint is totally awesome, I’m just saying be informed.

  10. I have been selling Sprint for 3 year’s and am sick of the smoke being blown up my a**

    1. Educate yourself and find out that this is an entirely different deal from the Wimax one…

  11. I used to get really fed up with sprints speeds, but since I started using dolphin browser I can look past it most of the time

  12. Really, Washington DC isn’t 4g yet? No wonder sprint is so poorly regarded

  13. new york should be the first one to be receiving these upgrades

    1. new york should be the first one to get everything, everywhere

  14. I’m switching to Verizon as soon as possible. Been promised & been paying for Sprint 4G coverage since the original Evo & have yet to experience it once. Even the 3G network is a bad now. I’m done.

  15. how is the 3g service working in boston mas? any body knows?

  16. I do not understand what Sprints plan is. No Philly, Ny, LA, Chicago.

    1. Sprint is actively deploying in all of the markets you mentioned. If fact, Chicago is further ahead than even the launched markets.

  17. I was told that 4G LTE is only in Downtown Houston. How USELESS. I don’t want that mediocre 3G speed. I will wait for the Motorola Photon Q.

    I hope they get better coverage soon. I checked the map around my house to see why I have no signal in my house and flourish when I cross the street. Well it turns out my signal sux inside buildings where I’m at. So I get inside a house and my signal depletes. It’s so stupid. Oh my gosh.

    Hopefully they have something good this years end. My birthday is at the end of the year. =.D

  18. Sprint Dix’s big balls.. I’d can their a$$ if I could!

  19. I feel sad for all of you. I got 4G LTE on GS3 31 mbps down. But I will admit 3G isn’t at it’s best.

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