Samsung: US Galaxy Note 2 Due Before End of 2012


While we anxiously wait around to see which of the Big 4 carriers in the US will be first to announce availability of the Galaxy Note 2, Samsung may have clued us in on when we can expect the phoneblet to arrive here in the states. Will it arrive next month? Will we have to wait until early next year like when Samsung debuted the original Galaxy Note?? A Samsung representative spoke with The Verge today saying we can expect the GN2 in the US:

Samsung Mobile is planning a U.S. version of Galaxy Note II, which will be available later in 2012. Building on the success of the original Galaxy Note, we’re confident that the Galaxy Note II continues to redefine what consumers should expect from their smartphone and delivers a powerful, innovative and unique experience. Exact timing and retail channel availability is not being announced at this time, we will continue to share information as it becomes available.

There you have it. If you planned on picking the phablet, it’s time to plan your next phone purchase around this vague, possibly end-of-the-year date. My body is ready…

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

Samsung’s Entire IFA 2012 Unpacked Event Is Now Available For Your Viewing Pleasure [Video]

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  1. I wish they had gone with the 5.8″ that the Galaxy Player has, but other than that, this is the perfect phone for me. This will most likely be my next phone =)

  2. why must it be towards the end of the year? samsung said later in 2012. tomorrow qualifies as later in 2012, right?

    1. Lol If it launches in October or later, it’ll be Q4 (end of the year). I guess anythings possible but I don’t see this launching in September.

  3. And im ready for your body…. O_o

  4. I guess this means I’ll pick up the gs3 instead …..still not bad tho !

  5. Why did they have to use plastic in their flagship series when the ATIV has aluminum?

    1. The ATIV is definitely Samsung’s sexiest phone to date (aside from the Galaxy Nexus). I’m super jealous it’s WP8 only =/

      1. Do you know if the back cover is plastic or metal on the ATIV WP8? I definitely like the physical look of that phone…..

    2. Do we have confirmation that it’s aluminum? I tried finding that in the articles around the web, can’t find anything. If this is true, then i am super mad at Samsung for giving a Windows device better build quality.

      1. Engadget says it’s aluminum. I think TheVerge also says the same thing.

        1. Ya i finally found same information. brushed aluminum. I now want to take a sledge hammer to my GS3. To me it’s forever ugly now.

      2. Has aluminum rim around the glass, but the battery cover could be faux aluminum plastic (like the LG Viper).

        1. Um, I’ve had a Verizon Gnex, and I can tell you that the rim is plastic. I’ve taken it apart out of curiosity.

          1. But it’s so hard O_o

          2. I agree, it is definitely some sort of strengthened composite.

    3. Because plastic is a stronger, cheaper, lighter, better material. I still don’t get why people think aluminum is more “premium”… it’s like how back in the day people had to have wood paneling on everything – their TVs, their car, … :)

      1. Aluminum feels better. And i’m sure it’s stronger than plastic.

        1. I never feel my phone, because I use a case to add grippiness and more protection anyway. And plastic’s more resilient in a fall (the bounce vs KLANK)

        2. the aluminium tends to bend and it doesnt return to its original form like polycarbonate

          1. Who needs objective facts when you have hope and feelings?

        3. but…are you willing to pay a premium for it? I doubt it.

          1. Extra $20 that it cost Samsung to make it? Yes. Absolutely.

          2. lol you don’t think an extra $20 in manufacturing costs is going to be pushed to the consumer at just $20, do you? :p

          3. Well, it’s probably closer to $2 difference in material costs, but i’d be willing to pay $20 for that extra material

        4. Yep

      2. Aluminum is less brittle and feels better. Also, luxury cars nowadays still have wood.

        1. feels better is a matter of opinion. less brittle? my samsung is plastic, and is a little scuffed up. ,my tablet is metal and is scratched, and dented. so i say plastic is actually stronger.
          and those luxury cars with wood look STUPID (IMHO)

          1. Do you know what brittle even means? Denting means that something is not brittle. When it dents, it absorbs some of the energy from the impact, causing the device to be less damaged overall. Brittle is when it shatters. Polycarbonate is more brittle than aluminum.

          2. if brittle is when it shatters, than there is nothign LESS brittle than polycarbonate. ive cracked a metal device (aluminum iPod classic) but ive NEVER seen a polycarb device shatter. they barley even scratch.
            now, cheap plastic can crack, but a) that’s not polycarbonate (which samsung uses) and b) still doesn’t shatter.

      3. Because if people can’t whine about something their lives have no meaning.

      4. to me, light weight mean cheap. just like my GN, weightless.

        1. For a phone, weighing less is actually desirable imo, and a testament to more efficient technology. I can understand why you’d think lighter is crappier in general, though, since there’s so much mass-produced cheap-plastic-crap from China these days messing with peoples’ subjective perception of quality.

        2. So tie a few small lead weights onto your phone, table, and laptop.
          Lug that around for a while.
          Then you’ll be assured to have a much “better” device.

          (Not sure who in their right mind thinks that “very heavy” = “much better device”.)

        3. They tried using depleted uranium, but it played havoc with the radios.

      5. Umm no, plastic IS cheaper than aluminum and yes it does feel WAY cheaper when you hold it as opposed to aluminum, makes the device feels flimsy and I don’t want a Phone that feels “light” . And if you’re going plastic or polycarbonate at least go the extra mile like the htc 1x and give it an extra coating or something to make it look and feel stronger.

        1. Feelings, nothing more than feelings,
          trying to forget my feelings of love.

      6. Imagine a car built out of luxury premium wood. It would look awesome, like a million bucks, right? Then it rains and now it looks like a piece of crap.

    4. cheap phone use cheap materials i guess.

    5. meaby cuz windows OS is cheper ( cuz u dont have to pay that many patents,like for each android wich 5-10$ goes to windows) and they can spend that little amount of money in a better build quality

      1. I think that was only HTC that had to pay royalties to windows. could be wrong

  6. too plastic.

    1. Not sure why so many people hate plastic so much.
      Everything is made from the stuff.
      Welcome to the 20th century. (Let alone the 21st)

      It’s IDEAL for a cell phone case.
      Doesn’t shatter like glass.
      Doesn’t block your signal like metal.
      It’s very inexpensive.
      Can be molded to countless shapes. (Far more than glass or metal ever could.)
      It’s very strong and very durable.
      Wide spread availability.
      Can be made in 1000s of colors without worry about the “paint” ever scraping off.
      It’s very lightweight.
      It can easily be made glossy or matte finish.
      Can easily be made smooth or rough. (and a thousand levels in between)
      Can easily maintain its shape when bent. (unlikely glass or metal)
      Can be made clear… just like glass.
      Can be made shiny reflective… just like metal.
      Can be made to feel horrible… or great in your hand.
      Can be made to NOT slip out of your hand.
      It can be drilled and mounted.
      It can be soft or hard.
      It can house an extended battery, that would be hard to do with glass.

      If you put the phone in a case… you won’t see or feel the plastic back anyway… ever.
      (You’ll feel *YOUR* cheap plastic case choice, instead.)

      What exactly are you seeking, that’s impossible for “plastic” to do???

      1. a quality feeling, like 4s. i tested and tried the 4s at the VZN store. it feel very nice compared to my GN. it literally made me feel it’s a top quality phone. also, im more into heavier phone than light weight.

        i dont really like case and screen protector at all. just not a fan of those 2 things. even without them, all 3 of my android phones got no scratch or mark of any kind.

        it just personal taste. some people like hard plastic fork/spoon and some like soft plastic fork/spoon.

        ps: those new sony android phone feel really nice too. my friend got one and it feel so nice just by holding it.

        1. The 4S does feel high-quality, but to me it does not feel ergonomic at all. I wouldn’t want to use a design like that daily (not to mention the immense shattering potential).

        2. It’s an illusion dude.

          1. not really into their OS, but maybe i got a small hand, it feel really good on my hand.

          2. The materials do feel good, I won’t argue that, but they’re not practical. You can sneeze and it’ll shatter. I see it every time I’m in public, an iPhone with a shattered screen.

          3. oh, im not talking about the glass at all. i mean the whole design shape. the shape and the size matched perfectly on my hand.

            i tried my brother’s GS3, not comfortable at all, like my GN, but my friends’s sony xperia U feel nice too.

          4. Oh gotcha. Maybe that’s something Samsung will get into later. For me my Note LTE feels great and I don’t have giant hands or anything, so maybe I’m just not that particular about it. I’d rather them focus on the cool software things personally.

      2. Maybe he wants that phone with the leather back studded with crystals.

  7. Beyond all the pathetic bickering going on I WANT THIS DAMN PHONE

  8. The next Nexus will steal the thunder at the end of the year. I believe people are fed up with waiting on updates to be released.

  9. been waiting and waiting for this. I knew it wouldn’t be available till closer to the end of this year, but at least I can now drool over a pic of the real thing. where is the lotion?

  10. Eff. Too many awesome devices right now. We were in such a gap until the One X kicked off the arms race.

  11. Why can’t they announce release dates at the unveiling? Or is that patented by Apple?

  12. I waited for Unpacked so, now I have to wait for the end of the year for U.S. carriers! Guess I’ll be waiting for the new Nexus or Nexi also.

  13. I think ill pick up a Note 2 for me and give the wifey my S3. Win-win for both of us

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