New Flipboard Update Adds TV Channels, Bug Fixes and Improved Google Reader Support


The Flipboard app received an update in the Play Store today adding not just bug fixes and improved performance, but marks Flipboard’s greater effort to deliver, not just readable content, but that of the watchable variety as well. As detailed on the Flipboard blog, a new TV section can be found in the app with a curated list of videos by interest, as pulled from popular YouTube channels. Topics include:

  • Influencer TV: Hear about big ideas from leading innovators and creative thinkers. Influencers TV includes a TED Talks lecture on creating awe by Rob Legato, the Visual Effects Supervisor for “Titanic” and “Hugo.” For shorter fare, check out Big Think videos on “The Search for Life on Mars” and “Seeing Sound, Tasting Color: Synasthesia.”
  • Music TV: Keep up with what the kids—and hip people of all ages—are listening to these days. Watch the latest indie music videos on Noisey and follow NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Concert series for intimate sessions with emerging artists. Pitchfork TV catches live show moments, including “Bjork Dedicates ‘Declare Independence’ to Pussy Riot.”
  • Science TV: Feed your curiosity with cool experiments and surprising scientific facts. VSauce will answer “What if the Earth were Hollow?” and “What If Everyone Jumped at Once?” On SciShow, find out “Why Our Brains Love Junk Food” or other scientific explanations for everyday dilemmas.
  • News TV: With News TV, stay updated on current events via leading news outlets. Get storm and earthquake alerts from Associated Press and ABC News. CBS News follows the 2012 presidential campaigns and Al Jazeera provides international news.
  • Catwalk TV: Get the latest fashion trends, fresh off the catwalks in Paris, Milan, Tokyo, New York City and more. YouTube channels like Fashion TV and Videofashion cover global runways and rising models. See new campaigns from individual designers, like Alexander McQueen’s “Menswear Autumn/Winter 2012.”

So kick your feet up, place your phone in landscape mode, and download the update available right now from the Google Play Store.

[Play Store]

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  1. Too bad it still isnt supported on the sony tablet s. I’m still on the 1.8.3 apk. Anywhere I can grab this new version yet?

    1. Grabbed the APK from XDA since my Nook never gets any updates, so I sideloaded it

      1. Sweet, I’m assuming its the most recent version?

  2. No support for DROID XYBOARD either. Not sure if it’s the O/S (ICS 4.0.4) or the fact that it’s a tablet.

    Either way,one would think that this application would be available,especially for a tablet.

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