To all those who have been ribbing me for still using the MyTouch 4G, I’ve finally upgraded


Right from my first day at Phandroid, till last week there’s always been some good natured banter in the comments regarding me still using the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G. Despite your kind requests, Rob chose not to get a new device for me so I ended up having to act on my own: I bought myself an HTC One X.

I had to choose between the Galaxy Nexus, the One X and the Samsung Galaxy S III. The Nexus lost out because of a poorer camera, and between the other two I went with the One X because of it’s brilliant screen, drop-dead gorgeous looks and price (I got a really sweet deal on CraigsList).

Also, thanks to Robert Scoble’s wife Maryam for that gorgeous image that I’ve set as my wallpaper.

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. A truly amazing phone on a not so amazing carrier. Best phone I’ve owned so far!

    1. I’ve got it unlocked to use in India so don’t have to deal with AT&T fortunately. I thought the MyTouch 4G on ICS & Jelly Bean was plenty fast, but a little while with the One X made me realize just how far we’ve come in processing technology in this short while.

      1. i upgraded to the s3 from the og droid about a month ago, and im still learning new features..im still not sure what really sets the s3 apart from other smartphones, doenst seem all that fast to me. for example, google voice takes a while to open up and load, and a lot of apps dont seem to run so smooth on the s3

        1. Donno about the S3, and frankly with Jelly Bean my phone was very snappy. It’s within apps though that I notice the difference. For example, the Facebook app was barely usable on the MyTouch 4G thanks to their desire to go with HTML5. The One X runs it very smooth, plus there’s a difference within some games.

          I know its funny using Facebook as some sort of benchmark, but there is a very visible difference in that.

          1. If I could upgrade, the HTC One would win out because of the better camera and style over the S3.

          2. Yea maybe its because the s3 is so new that apps dont run smooth on it, but apps such as google voice take FOREVER to load, its just not a smooth device overall. Im thinking of switching to the one x

  2. Congrats. Though my s3 receives JB next week. :P

  3. Congratulations! Whether it’s every two years, every six months, or sooner, there is nothing quite like that first day(s) with your new device.

  4. I would have went with the S3 but the One X is a nice phone.

  5. I’m using a mytouch 4G and have also had it for two years and you got the phone I’m pining away for in just over a month. It seems like an eternity since I’ve had this phone! Especially knowing the One X is at the finish line waiting for me. Unless T-Mobile doesn’t get it after all. Then I’ll probably buy it outright.

  6. Galaxy Nexus is a better option since the device won’t be abandoned in 6 months via lack of updates. Gnex has a very nice camera!

    1. The update bit was obviously a big plus on the Nexus, but my heart was kinda set on the One X. I’m more than comfortable putting a ROM on it on my own, so not that concerned.

      1. If you like messing with the ROM swapping then I see your point. I personally got very tired of it. Even with custom ROMs they were/are always months behind the official release.

    2. The onex will be rocking for awhile, remember the vivid was the first to receive ics of the phones released without it, and it was the flagship. The onex will be the same if not better on updates. Plus very nice or not, the onex camera is heads and tails above anything I have seen in a mobile device so far.
      (plus I just streamed transformers to my tv in hd with the onex and it barely warmer than normal use. I was pretty impressed with the temp of the s4 under stress!)

  7. lmao nice! i was also using the mytouch 4G until yesterday. Now im using my sexy galaxy S3 :). the Mytouch4G was a great phone though!

  8. Very nice! I love my LTEvo/One X. If you want to know, changing the image adjustments to +2 Contrast, +2 Sharpness makes for some awesome pictures!

    1. Will give that a try. Recently read about creating a macro lens using an old DVD drive stuff, thinking of breaking some stuff tomorrow. If all goes well, I’ll share some results

      1. Hmm, sounds pretty cool. I would like to know how that goes.

    2. do you know what settings i should put on my galaxy s3?

      1. I haven’t played with the S3, or its camera, but I believe those same settings should work just as well!

  9. You shoulda gone Nexus. Granted the camera is a good point, but I’d never get a non-Nexus phone again after my 1 year old device is still on Gingerbread (and CM9 isn’t stable for my phone).

    1. Between the 3 choices listed, the nexus would be dead last on my list. Plus the gs3 should be receiving JB before the Verizon gnex.

      1. I consider the vzw Nexus a different phone than the GSM version. Let’s face it, in vzw’s hands, it’s not really a Nexus at all.


        1. i have a s3 on verizon, do u know when ill get JB?

      2. when will my gs3 on verizon receive JB?

        1. my guess? Q2-Q3 2013

          1. ok then ill just root and install JB myself. Now that theres a one click bootloader unlocking app, I think its about time i root!

  10. Great choice.

  11. Watch it now you aanti apple fans! :D

    1. Nom. Nom. Nom. xD

  12. best choice out there. i wish verizon would release a version of this (4.7″ or under)… i switched from my gs3 to my rezound…. that’s how much i didnt like the gs3 (its the little things)

  13. You bought a phone at the wrong time. And I’m kind of surprised. Of all people, you should know about all the crazy things happening in just a couple weeks: http://thenextweb.com/apple/2012/08/24/quick-everyone-announce-stuff-apple-does/

  14. Why is this news?

    1. Human interest story…

  15. You misunderstand, they were ribbing you because you were using it in the first place…

  16. The One X has a better screen than the S3….

    hum, I would have figured it the other way around. Pentile or no pentile, hi resolution SAMOLED I can picture to be awesome. Love the old version in my S1

    What makes it so great? Thanks.

    1. Look at them side-by-side. It’s clearly obvious which screen is better. The One X has the best screen of any smartphone period. And no I don’t own one.

      1. You must have horrible eyesight, side by side the screen on the S3 blows away all others

        1. If you like that oversaturated, non realistic look with the greenish hue, by all means you are welcome to be wrong. I am an avid photographer and know that the HTC One X screen gives you a more realistic view of reality. And all the professional reviews back up my statement and not yours. Let me guess. Do you own an S3? Classic case of “I own it so it must be the best”.

        2. Sorry, there’s no way I can agree with you on that. And I’ve had a lot of people test this out for me. The Galaxy S III’s screen is gorgeous, no doubt. But next to a One X, it’s a no contest.

          1. Apologies if this was addressed somewhere else in the thread, but how is the service with T-Mobile. Can you access 4G without the phone coming from T-Mobile?

          2. I’m in India so can’t say anything about that. I doubt the 4G would work with the frequency issues. You “might” get some HSPA+ in particular areas in the future based on the terms of the failed AT&T takeover, but I’d advise against it if 4G is important to you. Definitely no if LTE is.

  17. nothing wrong with A mt4g ! one of the best phones i ever owned

    1. Agreed, brilliant phone. Bought it more for the reason to give the MT4G to my mom who’s been suffering with my sister’s old iPhone 3G for a while. I was waiting for a device that I really, really wanted. Waited to see what the Samsung Galaxy S III brought to the table but wasn’t sufficiently impressed.

  18. Could have gone either way but nice pick. I personally might have chosen a One series variant if Verizon had gotten one but the Galaxy S3 is a beast of a phone and I love it.

  19. Those first and second generation androids look much better and more unique than current generation of android phones, miss the htc hero and legend “chin”.

  20. I love my One XL. Best phone available on the market today. Only thing is development has been stifled. If you look over at xda we only have 1 custom kernel to date, no s-off and no stable aosp/cyanogemod rom because they still haven’t released the latest kernel source. It’s a shame but it seems like the At&t variant has been completely abandoned by developers.

  21. Hey there’s nothing wrong with the MyTouch 4G. I’m still using mine and not having a single problem with it at all. In fact it seems even still after 1 year and 8 months I find something new to do with my phone almost every day. My upgrade is coming up in about 30 days but I’m not sure if I will upgrade or not. My MyTouch 4G which I have taken really good care of still works practically like a new phone.

    1. Mentioned somewhere below:
      Agreed, brilliant phone. Bought One X more for the reason to give the MT4G to my mom who’s been suffering with my sister’s old iPhone 3G for a while. I was waiting for a device that I really, really wanted. Waited to see what the Samsung Galaxy S III brought to the table but wasn’t sufficiently impressed.

  22. Mytouch 4g is an excellent phone with another 6 months of life it it for sure. It beats almost all “current”. low budget phones for sure.

    Viva t mobile

  23. I have the same device and not a single day have I ever regret the purchase! One of the most “drop-dead” sexy phone on the planet at the moment.

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