Aug 24th, 2012

We have’t heard much about the Samsung Galaxy Stellar since it showed up on a rebate form last month. We still don’t know too much about the device itself, but a couple of new details have come to light courtesy of Droid-Life. For starters, it looks like the phone will debut at $99, making it a fine device to aim at the mid-range or entry-level market.

We’re also exposed to knowledge of a “Starter mode,” and while the still image doesn’t explain what, exactly, this mode will do we’re willing to bet it’ll simplify the Android experience for those not used to smartphones.

That, alongside its price point, makes us all the more confident that this won’t be a juggernaut of a device, but it will still be one to keep on your radar. Even if you don’t want it yourself, you’re sure to come across someone who wants you to recommend a smartphone that’s easy to use.

Hopefully users are given the option of disabling Starter mode once they feel they’re ready to dive even deeper into the beautiful world of Android. Oh, and this thing will have 4G LTE, but that’s no surprise considering all of Verizon’s future smartphones will no doubt come with the high-speed radios inside.

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