Blood and Glory: Legend will bring you gladiatorial honor in video game form [VIDEO]


Glu Mobile seems to be working on a new game and they’ve dropped their first teaser for it. Dubbed “Blood and Glory,” the short trailer does little to explain what’s going on outside of the visuals.

What we do notice is a gladiator getting ready to battle to the death, likely in an epic stadium filled with thousands. The game is a sequel to the original Blood and Glory, a game that did very will for itself in the Play Store.

But that’s all we know for now. What they did show looked good, but there’s no way of telling whether or not these graphics will end up representative of the final game. The original game didn’t look nearly as good as this trailer is depicting so we’re hoping Glu is showing an accurate degree of quality. Watch the short trailer above.

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  1. The currently available Blood and Glory is an awesome game with great graphics, so this new version sure has me interested..

  2. can you say 300?

    1. Not really. Look into Sparticus, both Blood and Sand, and Gods of the Arena. The style of fighting, camera, and armor are far more similiar.

      1. the blood splatter effect is similar to the movie 300… that’s all I was saying

        1. both movies have those effects actually , because Spartacus is a gladiator movie I think the influence is from there, but it could be from both places.

  3. Hmm. Guess I’ll finally have to beat the original Blood&Glory. I stopped at ~95% and then uninstalled it after not playing for a while because the game spams you with notifications to buy stuff, but now that I have JellyBean… I can manually shut those notifications off! :)

  4. just played the first and beat the entire game in about an hour. if the second is the same fixed simple slash style as the first its gonna suck.

  5. The original sucked. I’m so sick of this idea that a game dubbed by the developer as “free-to-play” require you to out up money to get anything worthwhile. I played this game to about50% and lost interest. Its all about ur weapons, not tactics, and aside from looking good this game has very little to brag about.

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