Aug 23rd, 2012

One of the features you may have noticed lacking from the Jelly Bean experience was a complete absence of of timer functionality in the stock Clock application. As a man who’s been known to fire up a batch of impromptu brownies on occasion, I dived into the Google Play Store and I came back with this treasure. It’s called Timer and as the simple name suggests, minimal is the name of the game.

The developers have constructed one of the most beautiful Holo themed applications I’ve come across in the Play Store. There’s no fluff. No hyper realistic, ultra high-resolution graphics of grandfather clocks or stop watches. Users are simply presented with a dial that can be adjusted to set the desired amount of time. Simple, easy, and to the point. But it’s not just easy on the eyes, Timer gives users the ability to have multiple timers running simultaneously, in case you wanted to take power nap, bake a cake, and remind yourself to pick up the kids in 30 minutes. Timers can also be labeled and saved for later use with the option to back up timers to their Google accounts.

New to the version just updated in the Play Store today is the inclusion of Jelly Bean notifications and an all new dark theme. The Jelly Bean expanded notification lets you pause/resume and end the current timer straight from the notification bar and when collapsed, simply notifies you that you have a timer running. To alleviate concerns of battery drain due to the bright color scheme of the app, the developers have now introduced the option to use a dark theme complete with orange accents looks equally as stunning. I’d love to see an option for more color accents in future versions but it doesn’t take away from anything without.

You can find Timer by Opoloo right now in the Google Play Store for one, simple dollar. If you give it a download, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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