Aug 21st, 2012

The Jawbone JAMBOX, one of the most popular and simple Bluetooth speakers on the market, will look to get even more attuned to the very customers buying it. Jawbone will soon implement an option called JAMBOX Remix for all users to select their own colorways when ordering their JAMBOX.

If I wanted to buy a blue and green JAMBOX to match up with the Phandroid logo I could do just that. You can change the grill of the device as well as the “caps”. There are currently 13 colors for the speaker grill and 9 for the caps, meaning there are 117 different combinations to choose from.

Jawbone is currently giving their most loyal customers an exclusive taste of the service, but come August 28th everyone will be able to order one in their favorite colors. And the best part of all is that it’s a free, optional service — you only pay for shipping and the original cost of the JAMBOX. Sounds good to me. [via Engadget]