Samsung and Apple CEOs to attempt settlement talks one last time before trial goes to jury


If there is any hope to see a settlement reached in the blockbuster patent trial of Apple v. Samsung, it lies in a final round of talks between company CEOs Tim Cook and Kwon Oh Hyun occurring today before the case goes to jury. Per yet another request by Judge Lucy Koh for the two parties to come to some sort of agreement, the heads of Apple and Samsung will hold a phone call to discuss the viability of settling out of court.

Previous attempts to reach a deal have been hindered by Apple’s demand for absurdly high royalties and Samsung’s insistence that the patents in question are not as valuable as the iPhone maker believes. Signs again point to the two sides not reaching an agreement, at which point the trial will go to jury on Wednesday. There is still a very real possibility that a deal is reached at a later point, but it would likely involve settlements in other cases between Samsung and Apple around the globe.

[via Bloomberg]

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  1. I honestly don’t want them to settle. I want this to go to jury so some real attention can be brought to just how stupid those design patents were to begin with and how they really should have never been granted. Sammy, don’t let Apple sweep this under the rug.

    1. If the design patents weren’t already dumb enough as it is there’s more then substantial proof that the “designs” that were patented far proceeded apples use of them. I agree… This needs to go to the jury.

    2. I wouldn’t assume that we’ll get a desirable outcome if this goes to Jury. You never know what the Jury is going to decide in a case. In this case, it’s not likely that all of the Jury members have the same understanding of software patent issues that many of us have. Many people who don’t have a long history with the smart phone market probably think Apple did invent the smart phone.

      1. Jury members were reported to have been falling asleep during arguments. A very herpderp thing to do.

        1. those usually coincide with a warning, then the judge will take action.

        2. LOLCATS @ HerpDerp :)

      2. I’m not assuming anything… I say that with the knowledge of reality but the desire of a gambler. Samsung HAS to take a gamble because regardless of if they settle Apple is not going to cross license their patents. Which leaves them in the same position they are now but with less cash. Apple will just come back for more a year down the road.

  2. anyone else wishing they had been called to jury duty on this one…
    I would bring stink bombs and pop one every time apple spoke.

  3. I’m tired of the media holing apple on such a high pedestal. I woke up to fox talking about apple buying facebook stock and how well they treat their employees. its funny because it the people that accully make their products are pretty much work in a sweat shop for about $2/ day

    1. But those people are not Apple employees. Take your beef up with FOXCONN.

      1. if apple really cared about people they should contract manufacturing companies that care for their employees. better yet apple is an American company those jobs belong in the u.s.

      2. I agree FOXCONN holds a lot of the blame but it is still just as much Apple’s responsibility to make sure the manufacturers they contract are good companies who treat their employees well. I mean what’s going on at FOXCONN isn’t some big secret. Plus I agree American companies should try and create some jobs IN America.

  4. a settlement in this case would prove Samsung was wrong. Apple would continually use that in their ads and press releases. The only way this would work is if the lawsuit was dropped and no more lawsuits were to come about over the next 5 years.

  5. I really hope this goes to the jury. I hate when back hand deals are made just for the sake of numbers … I really want to see what the jury thinks.

    1. the problem with going to the jury is that Samsung been fighting with one hand tied behind their backs from the get go, the judge made sure of that.

  6. Apple: Sure lets settle down now because we are damn losing and are out of craps. As everyone said I hope Samsung wont settle and counter sue apple. Anyway if Samsung doesn’t Google already has the big gun.

    1. Yup, i think the Motorola filing at the ITC will be more indicative of this battle. Google is not gonna sue, for the first time in its history, if their accusations are not of any merit. Google has something up their sleeves, and they will wrestle Apple down to the tee.

  7. Cook is too arrogant. Have you watched his interviews? Extremely SMUG…….

    1. So, you’re saying Steve Jobs is still alive…

  8. Doesn’t matter, we, the end user will all pay for it in the end …

  9. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from watching court cases, is to never estimate what the jury will do… It’s best if Samsung and Apple come up with a.REASONABLE agreement with each other…

  10. Barry, your logic is flawed and emotionally driven by major media engines biased and in correct slant on unions. I can bet there are more than a few examples of unions that you rely on daily to provide you with essential, safe, and necessary material needs.

  11. Please, Sammy, do not give to rotten Apple a penny!!

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