Apple and Samsung Battling It Out Again, This Time In Appeals Court Over The Galaxy Nexus


While last week’s Apple/Samsung patent trial was all about the OG Galaxy S and a huge list of related devices, it seems Samsung and Apple still have some unfinished business to take care of, this time, involving the Galaxy Nexus. You remember a few weeks back when Apple successfully managed to convince the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit to ban the Galaxy Nexus because of the universal search function found in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. As we all know, Google quickly patched up the feature in a handful of their devices and the ban was lifted.

Now we have the trial moving onto the US Court of Appeals, where Apple is once again pushing for a pre-trial ban on the Galaxy Nexus before the real patent trial kicks off March 2014. If successful, the Galaxy Nexus could find itself taken off the Google Play Store for the next 1 and half years. Apple’s snake lawyer Mark Perry said in his argument,

“This was the beat-Apple strategy. This was the top of the line, Cadillac phone they trotted out to compete with the iPhone.”

Sounds as if Apple doesn’t take too kindly to competition in the smartphone market. During the hearing, Samsung spilled some official info on exactly how well the Galaxy Nexus has been selling in the US but don’t go expecting Galaxy S3-like sales numbers. Samsung downplayed the Galaxy Nexus’s success saying that, during its first 2 quarters of release, the GNex only manage to rake in about $250 million for Samsung and accounted for only .5% of the smartphone market. A figure Samsung’s lawyer is later quoted as saying was “minuscule.”
Remember, Apple’s key argument is that the Nexus is causing “irreparable harm” as long as the device is being sold in the US due to a loss in market share. You know, because consumers are just clamoring for their chance to get that universal search feature in their hands. No word on when we can expect a ruling from the judges overseeing the case but this just one of more than 30 lawsuits that have been filed between the companies, spanning 4 continents across the globe.
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  1. Google should go… hey guys… lets try to get iPhones banned for 1.5 years because they are using our pull down menu.

    1. As far as i know, they never got a patent for the pull down notification bar.

      1. Google definitely has a patent for the Notification Bar. As soon as the iCrap 5 comes out Google is going to drop the hammer on Rotten to the Core and lets see how they like it when they’re banned all over the place and be forced to remove that feature. Can’t wait.

        1. whoever pays more, win.

        2. what are you smoking android is open source, do you know what that means? pretty much anyone can get their features and make them theirs

          1. That’s actually not what it means at all. While the code is openly available, it does not mean everyone is free to take the code and use it however they place. There are restrictions on how you use those features, especially a competitor like Apple.

      2. Its pending

      3. It’s still pending award…

        1. Apple paid a lot of money to stall it

    2. The patent is still pending

    3. I think Apple has a patent on that behavior.

    4. Sadly it is estimated by the patent experts that it will be another 3 years before the patent for the notification bar is approved.

  2. This weak attempt of Apple to scramble at patenting everything feature theirs phones/tablets have in order to sue everyone for anything similar is ludacris. This patent should be destroyed by prior art on an exponential scale: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/8086604.html

    1. only possible downside that patent that you referenced is it does specifically state computer rather than hand held device. but one could argue about smart phones these days, they are relatively small PCs in the palm of our hands.

  3. The fact that Apple is even claiming this makes me laugh. The EXACT reason I buy a Nexus device is because it’s everything an crApple device isn’t.

    1. i agree except poor battery life and heating up.

      1. The New Revisions of the iPhones are horrible on battery life wth are yo talking about? Before the iPhone 4 maybe you could have been right but ever since then well that claim is just a big lie sorta lie how apple wants you to think Their products can’t get viruses or malware and so on.

        1. i guess all my friends were lying to me. their 4s offer more battery life and no heating up at all. today, my gn running miui jb, only offer 1hr 26m screen time.

          1. We believe you ;)

          2. no lie, i go to school with him and work for the same company. i charge my phone ~2-3 times per day while he doesnt. he even play more games than me. im already using the extended battery from samsung, yet, never get pass the 2 hrs screen time. i guess this is the limit of android.

          3. That’s weird I have a gsm gnex and i use it Alot! On average i will see about 8 to 10 hrs out of it; 8, sometimes a tad less on heavy heavy use. I hear that the cdma LTD nexus is a bit worst on battery than the GSM variant but not under 2 hours haha that sound like a defect.

          4. not sure about that, because before i got the GN, i got 2 htc incredible. both got low battery life too.

          5. its been an “android” problem since the beggining of android, poor battery life is always associated with android as well as lagginess and bugginess ;)

          6. And those problems are blown out of perportions. My S2 is not laggy, buggy and the battery life isgreat (13-14 hours)

  4. These two look nothing alike. Apple must be blind or stupid. Scratch that apple is blind and stupid.

    1. they’re on crack….even a judge think so….

  5. I don’t understand why Apple’s shareholders and Board of Directors put up with this crap.

    1. They are getting paid. Seriously, how do you not understand that? Their stock is over-inflated to the highest levels ever. Yes, I say over-inflated because their stock really isn’t worth as much as the price it is now. As long as the stock prices are artificially high and people keep buying their dated overpriced products, the shareholders and board could care less about how the public sees the patent wars. Also, I’d venture to say that 99% of the world knows nothing about this patent war or cares about it.

  6. Neowiz, I agree. Yet apple is playing an opposite role on the other hand with other patents stating these devices are not PCs, but seperate device types as phones. They say what sounds best when it works best. Perfect little liars.

  7. Apple says the GNex harm their finances, but apple harm people coz they are trying to force a monopoly of that crap of phone. I was very sure of what i was doing when I bought my android phone. Apple is a crap legally, ethically and technologically. I hope their phones get banned.

    1. You would think Samsung would point out that Apple’s the most valuable company in the world. It is clear that the Galaxy Nexus is causing “irreparable harm” to Apple.

  8. Master, its not about them looking alike. This is over a software / function patent.

  9. Luckily, if anything big were to happen, it would be on the news.

  10. Thats it. For the rest of my life, I will never own another Apple product. This has gone too far. It’s a shame really, rather than actually innovating, Apple resorts to suing for stupid things in order to take out competition… seems like they know they are getting owned by Android, and they’re doing whatever they can to stop its growth. #Androidftw

  11. I lol’d so hard at “Apple’s snake lawyer Mark Perry” hehehe still find it funny xD
    seriously though this lawsuit is ridiculous, as much as I love Android I could see how Samsung’s Touchwiz could be a little to resembling of the ios, but vanilla Android and even this phone’s design are very distinct from Android and ios

  12. just another reason I hate apple lol I own the sprint galaxy nexus and minus the 4g which isn’t available in my area yet I love this phone all around great performance. Apple keeps losing sales and the iPhone just sucks so to stay in the spotlight they attack Samsung and Google with the nexus and nexus 7.On some BS just saying

    1. Apple is not losing sales….still a lot of IT virgins who do not know about smartphones anything so buying iPhone
      sadly :(

  13. hahaha “Apple’s Snake”

  14. I would love to kick the person who granted this patent square in the nutz.

  15. Apple’s snake lawyer Mark Perry said …

    “If there was a snake here, I’d apologize.” (pace Groucho Marx)

  16. So let me get this straight….

    Apple want the Galaxy Nexus banned because it SELLS???

    Tell me I’m reading that wrong…

  17. Apple knows it’s products are inferior. The only way it can win is by banning their competition.

  18. I heard that Apple just patented getting patents. Look out world!

  19. Camelshit: While I’m an avid android user, your portrayal of Apple is WAYY OFF. I agree the constant suing of any and everything is rediculous, but the products they make are decent and reliable and that’s a fact. To slam the MacBook Pro is BS, My wife and i switched over to OS X Back in the pre Leopard days and still use the same MacBook that runs perfect and still rocks 6-8 hours of battery life. My new MacBook Pro Blows that away. In every way. I also own two iPhones a 4 and 4S, both if which haven’t been touched since launch of GNex but that doesn’t make them garbage. In fact I dare say they are both good products. I can however happily report that my SGS3 KILLS any iPhone in EVERY way. Finally an android can even match the iPhone 4’s coveted battery life, if not beat it with many more core features a processor clocked at nearly double the clock speed, a screen close to a full 1.5 inches bigger, 4 times as much RAM, and alot more. To call iProducts crap is simply not true. They might not be the most exciting but they are without a doubt some of the most efficient products and that plays a big role in its success. Android is finally approaching that efficiency and that is why phones like the SGS3 smashed many pre order sales records.

  20. This confirms that they’re on crack….even a judge think so….

  21. Rumor has it that Apple is considering to sue God because Eve ate an apple in the garden of Eden. I’d like to see that patent.

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