Waco, TX and Fayetteville, AR get AT&T 4G LTE


AT&T’s announced that addition of two new markets for their growing 4G LTE network. Waco, Texas and Fayetteville Arkansas (which includes “Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville and a number of surrounding communities”) will get a taste of the supercharged data network starting today. AT&T Arkansas president Ed Drilling had the following to say regarding the impact of 4G LTE on his region:

“Expansion of high-speed mobile Internet access across Northwest Arkansas is like building a bridge to the future,” said state Representative Uvalde Lindsey. “It will help connect the best of what communities like Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers and Bentonville have to offer to economic opportunities across the globe. It will encourage investment. It will help create jobs.  I am very pleased AT&T has made such a significant investment in our communities.”

Meanwhile, AT&T Texas president Dave Nichols says it’s all about what customers are demanding: faster, and better.

“We continue to see demand for mobile Internet skyrocket, and our 4G LTE network in Waco responds to what customers want from their mobile experience — more, faster, on the best devices,” said Dave Nichols, AT&T Texas President.

Fire up that Atrix HD, Galaxy S3, or any other LTE device you may have to see if the blazing 4G LTE icon is lit up for you. We look forward to seeing continued growth from AT&T to compete with Sprint, and to see if they can catch up to their #1 rival Verizon.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. It is been up since last week. Getting 40mbs down 20mbs up

    1. Verizon had LTE there since last summer : )

  2. It is been up since last week. Getting 40mbs down 20mbs up. Fayetteville, AR

  3. What happened to little rock, north little rock, really!

    1. You should have Verizon. Arkansas has Verizon LTE all over the place. It also hit NWA first, then Jonesboro haha

  4. Seattle???

  5. Waco?!? Seroiusly? How do they pick these markets? I can’t imagine a whole lot of people in Waco are clamoring for more 4G LTE

    1. Actually, we are clamoring for 4G. There’s over 150,000 people in the metro area and we have a major university (Baylor). It’s also part of the corridor between Dallas and Austin so it seems only natural that it should have 4G. I’ve been enjoying my Sprint 4G since late 2010.

      PS: You misspelled “seriously.” Toodles.

      1. Well, thank you for answering that question. It just seems like some of the 4G markets that get announced seem really random. Like, what, their aren’t larger metros that would net you a larger subscriber base? 150,000 is nothing to scoff at, but with cities that stretch into the millions, Waco still seems odd by my estimation. Not that I’m not happy for you guys though. I’m just jealous.

    2. I’ve got it in Austin. The AT&T 4G LTE is amazingly fast. Maybe they pick Texas because we’re loud mouths and talk about it. I use it in my hair salon looking up hair styles right at the start of about half my appointments.

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