Aug 15th, 2012

A new project has hit Kickstarter and it’s one that I definitely want to back. Its name is Ubi, and that, apparently, is short for Ubiquitous computer. It’s ubiquitous because of its “always listening” trait. What is it listening for? Your commands, of course.

The device can be plugged into a wall outlet (it’s a direct connection so the plug acts as a mount) and it will answer several commands you issue. One use case they used was asking it how many teaspoons are in an ounce while you’re cooking. But Ubi has the ability to go far beyond delivering answers to common questions.

With a host of sensors embedded in the device Ubi can monitor things like changes in light. This can be useful for being notified on your phone if anyone has turned on the light in a certain room. A back-mounted LED on the device can change colors to notify you of different reminders and tasks, and can pulsate depending on what’s going on.

You can use Ubi as a baby monitor, too, so you can hear if your baby needs attention. Home automation is something that would be perfect for this sort of system.

There are a ton of use cases to be had, and all of it will be possible thanks to the system being completely open for developers. Take a look at their Kickstarter for more information, including a video of what could become the next huge thing in tech. Who’s pledging?