No 13MP camera for Droid RAZR HD? Plans for MAXX edition also called into question


Two rumors surrounding the long-in-gestation Motorola Droid RAZR HD have surfaced today calling into question past information gleaned about the device. For quite some time it has been believed that the phone would launch with a 13MP camera, but now sources speaking PhoneArena claim that the Droid RAZR HD’s image sensor will max out at 8MP. They also reveal that the phone’s battery won’t be quite as large as the Droid RAZR MAXX’s, and that a MAXX edition of the Droid RAZR HD is currently not planned. A battery capacity of 2530mAh was given.

Also confirmed was the presence of a Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor clocked to 1.5GHz, a 4.6-inch HD display with ColorBoost, and microSD support. All signs still point to an October/November launch with Ice Cream Sandwich as the operating system out of the box.

[via PhoneArena]

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  1. I wonder if they are going to put out Droid Razr HD Maxx few months after with 4000mAh

  2. MAXX or no deal. Haven’t they learned???? WE WANT BIG BATTERY!

    1. They seem to think it’s not necessary to make another version with a 3300 mAh battery, when they will put a 2500 mAh one in the normal RAZR.

      But my question to them is this – why not also increase the battery to 4000 or higher for the RAZR MAXX? At least they should give a real technical reason why it’s not possible – like if the phone will need to be charged for 10 hours if you do that, or if the chances to explode increases by 500%, or the price is increased by $200… or something….

      Also, dual core 1.5 Ghz for an October release? That’s weak. S4 Pro or Exynos 5 or bust.

    2. Honestly, the 2500 mAh battery with the Qualcomm S4 will probably last as long as the 3300 mAh battery with the OMAP.

  3. Why would they announce a better device before they even release their first device?

    If there is a Maxx, we won’t find out about it for a while.

  4. A RAZR HD with Jelly Bean will dominate.

  5. Weeeeaaaaakkkk!

    1. right. this is too weak for October release. they should have released it already in early summer.

  6. Why not release it with jelly bean?

  7. Moto is just silly, how to you release it without a lesser battery. I’m sure the HD will get pretty stellar battery life just the same with an S4 processor. I’m actually amazed how good my S III is with a 2100mAh battery.

  8. Wish companies would stop with the megapixel obsession. Who the heck is going to shoot at 13MP?? Why would anyone want to do this besides someone who wants a photo on the side of the empire state building? It adds zippo to picture quality. Many of us know this is just a marketing gimmick. Can’t we leave nonsense like this to apple?

  9. When will phone companies learn? Go really big or go home. Samsung sets the bar with the Galaxy product line. HTC and a few others are also on par. But sadly, the recent S3 is what a phone SHOULD be. It has all the features people want and missing very few things to make it nearly perfect!

    To stay as relevant as possible, Motorola needs 1-3 really stellar features that make the others look weak. Choose from the list:

    -2GB internal RAM
    -large storage capacity (64GB Min)
    -High End camera, a good quality shooter with a multi purpose physical button that seconds as a camera button
    -Large battery (2750mah +)
    -LED Notification
    -Large Screen with min 720P resolution. Paired with accurate colors to go with large battery. This is where Samsung fails, they gain battery life by having horrible color calibration!
    -New glass that has the lowest reflective properties and highest transparency/clarity.
    -Thin to no screen bezel
    -Nice, sexy materials (like they are using…carbon fiber, titanium, etc)

    1. all that gets priced ~$350-$400 bucks on contract. Then compared to the normally priced phones, that monster sticks out like a sore thumb. Save for the hardcore tech crowd, they won’t sell and everyone loses money on the project. Back down to competetively spec’d and priced phones we go

  10. Unibrow- good luck with your problems;-), anyway i couldn’t agree more about the battery life of the S3. It is outstanding. I’ve actually used it side by side with an old iphone 4 of mine (which had the best battery life of any smartphone with a normal battery–> lets be honest) and the S3 can easily hang with, if not beat it in battery life which is astounding considering it has another core clocked at twice the speed a screen that is almost 1.5 inches bigger, 4G, and a laundry list of other features but for the first time I can say I’m using a snapdragon product I’m not completely disappointed at.

  11. So is Google having any say in this? Or is Moto just kinda doing its own thing?

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