This suspicious render could be the Samsung Galaxy Note 2


While we’re not far off from an official announcement of the Galaxy Note 2 from Samsung, we’re always happy to get new details ahead of time. Specs and new features aside, it would be nice to see the device in all its glory for once.

A new render posted by GSM Arena is alleged to be the Galaxy Note 2, but with no one willing to instill confidence in its legitimacy we find it hard to do so, as well. That’s not to say the device will end up looking like that (it wouldn’t be hard to guess, anyway), but we still have to take it with a grain of salt. In all actuality the render seems like a stretched out Galaxy S3.

Regardless, we will keep our eyes peeled for more reassuring evidence. Samsung’s going to reveal the device in all its glory later this month as they kick off their Unpacked event at IFA in Berlin, Germany. Well be sure to bring you the latest on that once that time comes so stick around for the grand unveiling.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Samsung.. why are you still holding onto that single button so dearly.. its time to get with the times and move on!

    1. Why? I love the home button om my GS3! I always wake my phone with the homebotton and besides….it just looks nice.

      1. I just think its a cleaner look without it. Plus I’d much rather have a dedicated recent apps button.

      2. The button is one of the worst things about the SGS3. So pointless these days.

        1. 100% agreed!!!

        2. 100% disagreed. Choose a different phone if you don’t like the home button.

          1. Ouch!

    2. I agree. I still kind of miss the track ball of my old g1 but just accepted that the track ball is old tech. moving away from a slide out keyboard was hard too. I personally think Sammy likes the home button to sway iPhone users and help them transition.

      1. Trackpad sensor on HTC Droid Incredible was great — miss it.

  2. Of course, this will be exactly what it looks like. The note is a bigger, more powerful, sexy version of their flagship. It’s highly doubtful they will change design for this phone, it will have the same nature ux etc…
    On a personal note, if it is as I’m saying, i think I’ll trade the gs3 for this.

    1. Not sure if I would trade my GS3 in (more for economical reasons) but yes, I happen to like the looks and like the button and otherwise totally agree with you. I’m also glad that Samsung is keeping to a standard that makes the phone very similar across the globe.

  3. The screen may be bigger but that thing has certainly trimmed the fat! Just look at an OG Note official picture next to this one. It’s possibly the same size but with a bigger screen if the 5.5″ is true.

  4. take that samsung name from the front of the screen

  5. My favorite part of this render is that the buttons are properly centered. That was the one design flaw of the GS3, well in my opinion at least.

  6. I just hope they get rid of that home button already. They should get rid of that home button and those capacitive button and make them onscreen. They’ll have more room to make the screen a bit bigger and not increase the overall size of the phone….

    1. no samsung wont,they want their device to b unique and their device shud differ from other android …..bullshit,this all design and software difference is really annoyimg .what google shud do they shud give directives that all devices shud b key less,like windows are doing.otherwise sammy and HTC will kepp on bringing heavy skinned devices

      1. Shud? Oh my. Oh, and b is spelled be.

      2. No they shouldn’t – it’s called having a choice. If you don’t want buttons then get a Nexus.

    2. They should get rid of the home button, but keep the capacitive buttons.

      Definitely get rid of the home button though, or just let the international version have it, we don’t want it here in the U.S.!

      1. I personally don’t like the home button either, but when the US variants of the GSII were released, I was reading all kinds of posts complaining that we didn’t get the international version.

        1. i prefered the international layout over the all capacitive US layout, but thats me.

    3. I still prefer the original 4 capacitive buttons (most) androids used to have. Going from the capacitive buttons on my Evo, to the physical on my gs3 is kinda annoying. You never really think a physical button would be “hard” to press until you get used to a capacitive one

      1. capacitive buttons are over and done.

        I’m so used to the software buttons in my tablet and gnex, it’s the future all over again.

        1. I only upvoted for “it’s the future all over again.” Well played.

    4. I happen to like the home button, makes life easier. And as far as screen real estate, it won’t make a difference, the screens are made to size standards. How much more do you need on a 5 inch plus screen?

    5. The Home button is the main reason I bought the inter.. version instead of the US version..Much faster and more convienent to turn screen on etc.
      To each their own I guess.

  7. Well, the Note always resembled the Galaxy S so why wouldn’t the Note II look like a bigger S3?

  8. Giant s3

  9. I hate the hardware and capacitive buttons from an aesthetic standpoint, and from a functional standpoint considering a stylus can’t interact with it, but at the very least it increases your screen realestate. Eh, I’ll live with it.

  10. Could be the Galaxy Note 1, too….

  11. The width of that home button is unrealistic. The GS3 already has an elongated button which begins to rock side to side, so an even longer button will exacerbate this problem.

  12. I prefer the aspect ratio of the Note 1 personally, but ah well.

  13. *sigh* I wish they copied cues from their Galaxy Nexus… not buttons, just one big sexy piece of glass that runs the even more sexier Android..

    1. I agree, but the button’s aren’t all bad — on a larger device, it doubles as a more convenient power button if you can’t reach the primary side power button.

  14. Samsung galaxy note 2. hoho.. nice!

  15. I don’t care too much about the buttons as long as the processor/radio for US version will be Exynos and LTE. That’s main question for me.

  16. Completely fake. Button is clearly stretched out and the sensors/camera on front are way too black to be real. The black circles also appear pixelated.

  17. If the Note2 employs the same thinner Gorilla Glass “2” that’s in the S3, I’d be a little leery. The S3 is a bit more fragile than the S1 and S2 tanks of yesteryear due to the thinner glass and larger area; the Note2 is larger still.

    Or, is the Note2 going to be the first to use their new “unbreakable” flexible display? Sure hope so. Dealbreaker/maker for me. (The buttons… not so much)

    1. I dont blame the thinner Gorilla Glass 2 to be at fault for the more fragile screen on the GSIII. I actually blame Samsung for making the edges curve back into the bezel. The curved glass making for a nice stress point in the glass causing the GG2 to be weaker upon impact because of it.Especially when the impact is on the sides/near the curved edges.

  18. get rid of buttons all together please. I can’t believe the galaxy nexus has been out for over half a year and manufacturers are still putting real hard buttons or even capacitive buttons on the front of phones. buttons are tacky!

  19. Isn’t the main reason why galaxy S3 is ugly is because of the rectangle device with rounded corners with equal amount of bezel violates apple’s patent? That sexy beast clearly violates the patent.

  20. I like the physical home button. Makes for a perfect dedicated camera button after I disable the stupid capacitive buttons and enable the onscreen software buttons. ;)

  21. Get rid of the physical and capacitive buttons, and make an Android the the way they’re designed to be made.

  22. Looks fine. Just a big GSIII. Hopefully they have an actual BLACK model available at launch and not a couple months after everyone who wanted black settle for their Pebble “Purple” bs cause there is no black….. Still pissed about that Samsung……..

    As for the button layout everyone seems to keep bringing up, IMHO
    Physical buttons>mixture of physical and capacitive like done here>onscreen>capacitive.

    *I like physical buttons because I dont accidentilly press them when I dont mean to….
    *I like the mixture that Samsung does with their international models, on the GS3 and here because I can remap the button and disable the capacitve ones while enabling onscreen soft keys. Extremely useful since they didnt put a dedicated camera button on the GSIII. ;)
    *Onscreen only is ok. Better then capacitive but I prefer real buttons myself
    *Capacitive only needs to go or atleast make sure they are completely invisible when I disable their backlighting and enable onscreen soft keys….

  23. Have we heard any rumors in regarding the release date of the note 2 yet? Are they still holding the press conference today on Aug.15?

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