SkyDrive for Android coming soon after site and desktop apps receive overhaul


Microsoft is hard at work getting their various services in line with the design and usability standards set by Windows 8, and today gave their SkyDrive online storage a makeover. The updated web presence also comes with refreshed desktop apps for Windows and Mac OS X, but the best news might just be for Android users. While SkyDrive can be accessed via an Android phone’s browser at present, a dedicated app should be launching in the coming weeks, giving users of Google’s OS a more robust  experience when accessing data stored in the cloud.

[via AllThingsD]

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  1. SkyDrive has always been lousy, hope they have improved it for Desktop and Android like they say they have

  2. I think you mean “the Microsoft cloud.” Or are you saying that SkyDrive is more robust than all the other options available to Android users from Google and other companies?

  3. Good…maybe I can get Onenote to work now…

  4. Skydrive Browser for Android has been around for quite a while. One of 5 cloud services I use…And by use, I mean “have signed up for but will never actually touch because cloud storage is stupid.”

  5. There currently is a Skydrive app available. It’s called Browser for Skydrive. I have it and it works great!

  6. I’m the author of FX File Explorer, which has had SkyDrive support for some time. Several competing file managers support it as well.

    Unfortunately the public SkyDrive API only allows users of third party clients (such as FX) to upload files of certain types (notably documents and pictures, but NOT other file types such as MP3s or Zip archives). I’ll be interested to see if the Microsoft-made client is allowed to perform these operations.

    As a result of these restrictions, you’ll likely be better off with the Microsoft app than our own or any other if you need unrestricted SkyDrive upload access.

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