HTC Rezound receiving update, appears to activate global roaming capabilties


Reports of a new update for the HTC Rezound surfaced over the weekend despite no official word from Verizon. The update is no small potatoes, either, at 103MB, and appears to activate the long-awaited global roaming capabilities Verizon has teased for the device for quite some time. It is unclear if Verizon has launched the update en masse or if it is simply making its way to a few handsets as part of an initial test. What we do know is that the Android version remains at 4.0.3 and Sense at 3.6, though the software version has moved up to 4.03.605.1.

Verizon promised to activate global roaming in several 4G devices this year, but has been slow moving in completing the task. Many expected the feature to come bundled in the Rezound’s Ice Cream Sandwich update, but Big Red withheld the feature for a future update for whatever reason.

[via AndroidForums]

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  1. It only took 8 months for Verizon to activate global roaming 0__o

    1. It’s not even confirmed that it’s global roaming either…

      1. sure it is.

  2. No one even cares

  3. Figures… I just got back from Europe yesterday. I could have used this update two weeks ago!

  4. Too late. Already moved onto the GS3.

  5. So word is this is only for global? Updated dies nothing else?

  6. I have the SGS3 but also kept the Rezound. So any people have ripped that phone but I think it is one of the best phones out there today. The specs are top notch and that screen. I will always keep that phone.

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