Weekend Poll: Do you change boot animations?


Rooting a device opens a world of possibilities for customizing an Android device. Custom ROMs and root apps are just the beginning of rooting awesomeness. A very fun part of owning a rooted device can also be having the ability to change the boot animation, but this is simply a feature I have never really taken advantage of.

I am much more of a functionality-oriented user. So when I root it is usually to take advantage of root apps, install custom ROMs and over- and under-clocking the processor. I simply find no reason to change a boot animation that I will not be seeing often.

Most of us don’t wait around for a device to boot. I usually turn it on and set it aside until it is ready to be used, and that is the few times I actually restart the device (which is rare). I understand that it is fun, though. These tricks are part of the reason why Android is such an amazing platform; you can truly make a device one-of-a-kind.

I changed my boot animations a few times in the past, but it was only to test it out. After seeing some of the new options, though, it seems I might just start trying it out. Sites like offer a significant variety of options. From custom boot animations featuring popular shows and nifty videos to official manufacturer boot animations for some of the most popular devices out there.

Some of these animations are now available with 720p resolutions – for those that have smartphones with HD displays. So why not get a bit flashy?

I will continue to keep my boot animation stock for the sake of saving myself a few minutes. I don’t find it rewarding enough to go through all the steps. But I would like to know how many of you like having fun with this! Am I just boring in this department, or do many of you feel the same way?

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Edgar Cervantes

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  1. No, on Jellybean it loads so fast I barely ever see it. :D

  2. I love the jelly bean boot up screen and its fast

  3. Yes I change it because I usually don’t like the boot animations that are included with most custom roms…

    1. That is true…. ROMs can have some ugly boot animations. lol.

        1. LOL! That is way FABULOUS!

        2. Ha! The only thing I don’t like about aokp…but aokp is so great I wouldn’t care if they made the boot animation a rotating turd in a toilet (in hd). :P

          1. Yup. AOKP is what I use on my Bionic.

          2. I love aokp too but do hate the pink unicorn. I deal with it but might change when I get motivated. I am a battery swapper and NEVER charge my phone. so I see the boot animation 1-3x a day.

        3. Is that a male unicorn…IN PINK?!!!

    2. how often do you need to reboot? Why are you staring at your boot screen when you do? Sad.

      1. If you’re a flashaholic and/or your ROM is an early alpha like CM10 Preview is, then you’ll see it a LOT. Happy.

        1. Just as I was going to press send, I see you wrote the same thing I did. But also getting stuck in a bootloop is another thing.

          1. Yeah – a nice soothing bootanimation might take some of the sting out of a bootloop. hah. :)

  4. just like a wallpaper, the boot animation is something i want to get just perfect, and it bugs me till its perfect.

  5. no cuz i live cm9 boot anim on my sgs3! :D

    1. I do lyk the CM9 Boot animation too. LoL!! I can’t find anything better. The BIOS boot animations are cool too.

      1. IKnowRight – Evil Cid and the swirly cyan stuff is still one of the best I’ve come across.

        1. lol i love cid. hes like andy’s older bro. and much more badass! (at least in the bootanim he is)

        2. lol i love cid cuz he looks like a badass version of andy the android lol

    2. Yeah – but CM10 is still using the CM9 bootanimation, so I modded it by putting the Jellybean jar on top of the number “9”. You can download a CWM-flashable version here:

      1. oh my bad thats what i meant lol. i love the cm9 bootanim on my cm10 gs3. whoops :p

  6. The 2 (at this point) people that answered “Boot Aniwhat?” You should probably just get off this site.

    1. Also I have one of the kitchen boot animations, when I dont have the animation disabled.

  7. I have always wanted to used the decepticon logo being assembled with glowing red eyes and the transformer noise playing. Never seen anything like it. Would love it.

    1. It’s not that hard to make a bootanimation. The hard part, as always, is the initial creativity to produce something.

  8. I only change it when im using some custom roms like AOKP and even then when i do change it its usually back to the stock nexus animation

  9. The Jelly Bean one is good enough. So no.

  10. Stock, so no. The point is, though, that I wouldn’t even if I could, because the GNex ICS animation is so bootiful!

  11. I find changing roms (which I don’t do as often as I used to) gives me enough variety. That said, some roms can just be fugly, and need to be changed.

  12. Just plain galaxy nexus boot for me

  13. I always change my boot animation back to stock JB if the ROM / kernel comes with something else.

  14. How many times do you actually NEED to reboot in a day? None. Constantly changing boot screens just so you can stare at them in amazement either means you have no friends or you are a douche. True story.

    1. Are you serious? It’s just an extra fun feature. I changed my boot animation and even added sound. I was the coolest person on the block. Showed just how truly you can customize Android.

      Oh, and apps like AdAway needed a reboot when they changed the Host Files. And what about those battery pulls I needed to do like about once every week or so?

  15. persist.sys.nobootanimation=1

  16. My E4GT boots in 10 seconds, so I had this count down from 10 seconds before. And I had the song “The Final Countdown” playing. LoL!!

    But lately, on ICS, I haven’t been able to find a ROM that supports boot sound. =.[
    So I haven’t changed the boot animation.

    I’ve done this plenty on Gingerbread, though. And the steps aren’t hard. You just move the files to the right folder. LoL!!

    Now making your own boot animation, that’s a different story. But now I’m going to go start looking for some boot animations for my Nexus 7. LoL!!

  17. Edgar, it doesn’t take a “few minutes” to change your bootanimation; it only takes a few seconds, as long as you use a ClockWorkMod / TWRP flashable version to make it easy to install right after installing your ROM & gapps. (And if using TWRP instead ye olde CWM, you can queue up ROM + gapps + OC kernel + bootanimation all at once and it’ll flash them in order)

    1. It’s even simpler than that with a tool like Android Commander or QTADB. Just drag & drop.

  18. I usually flash boot animations just to go back to the stock jelly bean one.

  19. I don’t see the bootscreen often as I don’t reboot often so I don’t care about it.
    Well, unless changing it allows the phone to boot faster :P

  20. ROOTING scares me. Im afraid to screw up

  21. Honestly never seen much point in changing the boot animation

  22. Change if it was possible I wish a phone would boot up at the press of a button. For obvious reasons this is never possible. Would be awesome thou gotta admit. I actually would like to see it reduced the time it takes to boot. So in short never what ever the Rom Devs puts on it is what I have. Its why I love Ubuntu so much boot times have decreased a whole lot since its first release to the wild. Not happy at all with unity but maybe because its new I don’t adapt to change well when the old Ubuntu worked for me. I’m a if it ain’t broke don’t fix it kind of person.

  23. 4.1,all day galaxy nexus

  24. No.
    I hyper-customized in the Palm days and got tired of keeping track and re-doing stuff that I customized.
    Now I just do stuff with the things I have with less emphasis on doing stuff to them.

  25. yes, yes I do. I love My Cobra Logo boot animation and one day Ill stop being lazy, pull the loop and actually finish it. lmmfao

  26. I changed it to a one x style animation. Not very cool, but it adds to the feel of control over the phone…. And makes waiting for it to boot a little bit nicer

  27. I did not know that you could do that! This is why Iove android, always something new!

  28. I dont change mine but all the roms i use have different boot screens so yes and no i guess

  29. I used to have a boot animation of the android mascot pissing in the apple logo when I had a Desire HD

  30. I chose Yes, but usually I just remove the Boot Animation to speed up my boot times. No need for the extra eye candy when you are already running Jelly Bean.

    1. try logcat

  31. Disliked the ICS boot animation, but Jelly Bean came and fixed that for me.

  32. Not really

  33. I’m not a big fan of themes, generally, but I always put a custom boot animation on after flashing a rom, and I’ve also flashed a custom splash screen.

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