Aug 11th, 2012

Rooting a device opens a world of possibilities for customizing an Android device. Custom ROMs and root apps are just the beginning of rooting awesomeness. A very fun part of owning a rooted device can also be having the ability to change the boot animation, but this is simply a feature I have never really taken advantage of.

I am much more of a functionality-oriented user. So when I root it is usually to take advantage of root apps, install custom ROMs and over- and under-clocking the processor. I simply find no reason to change a boot animation that I will not be seeing often.

Most of us don’t wait around for a device to boot. I usually turn it on and set it aside until it is ready to be used, and that is the few times I actually restart the device (which is rare). I understand that it is fun, though. These tricks are part of the reason why Android is such an amazing platform; you can truly make a device one-of-a-kind.

I changed my boot animations a few times in the past, but it was only to test it out. After seeing some of the new options, though, it seems I might just start trying it out. Sites like offer a significant variety of options. From custom boot animations featuring popular shows and nifty videos to official manufacturer boot animations for some of the most popular devices out there.

Some of these animations are now available with 720p resolutions – for those that have smartphones with HD displays. So why not get a bit flashy?

I will continue to keep my boot animation stock for the sake of saving myself a few minutes. I don’t find it rewarding enough to go through all the steps. But I would like to know how many of you like having fun with this! Am I just boring in this department, or do many of you feel the same way?