[Update] Motorola making a “big reveal” Friday; definitely a 4G LTE smartphone


Motorola has taken to Facebook to tease its customers about a forthcoming announcement for a new smartphone. Their post asks you to play the guessing game: which new smartphone has the power of 4G LTE?

Well, we already know Verizon is planning to launch the Motorola DROID RAZR HD, an HD rendition of their super thin phone from last year. Motorola is also planning to release the same phone overseas and in Canada sans DROID branding, but the 4G LTE bit indicates this is probably only going to be an announcement for the American version.

This is the only major smartphone we can think of that would make Motorola tease us this way. Fortunately the wait for an official word won’t be long: they’ve promised to make a “big reveal” come Friday. What do you think it is? [Facebook]

[Update]: some users have brought to light a very interesting question: are we even sure they’re teasing a new device? Motorola doesn’t mention the “big reveal” will be a new smartphone.

It could be that they’re simply playing a guessing game to drive Facebook interaction and the “big reveal” could end up being a smartphone that has already been announced.

It’s needless to say that we’d be largely disappointed if Motorola was just having a little fun. But perhaps they shouldn’t be using words like “big reveal,” should they? That makes it sound like there’s something we have yet to see.

The only way to know for sure is if we stick around to Friday. PS: they’ll be dropping clues every day until this “big reveal” so hopefully we have a more clear idea of what they’re doing here before we wake up with copious amounts of egg on our faces. [Thanks Josh!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Meh. Locked bootloader makes this DOA. The GNex is still the must have phone.

    1. Agreed. Unlocked, I’d buy the Razr HD no question. But I’m just done with locked phones.

    2. Good thing that most of us don’t give a hoot about a locked bootloader. Just saying.

      1. You should though…even if you don’t dabble in rooting and hacking and ROM flashing, etc, the more unlocked devices there are means the more developers will work on them…which means more innovation, which means future devices will be that much better. You do want better devices, right? O_o

        Not being a smart ass, just saying. ;P

        1. I see where you are going. And personally, I will agree to that fact that when you buy a phone that you should own that phone. By that I mean that if I buy a phone, the bootloader should come unlocked.

          But still, I have used Motorola 95% of my time I have been with android other than the Galaxy S II (which I got rid of to get the Razr) and love them. My point is that a locked bootloader is the last thing that I would care about when buying a phone. I am sure Moto will unlock more now that Google owns them. Who knows, maybe the next Nexus will be Moto, which I would absolutely love. Motorola + timely updates = my heaven.

          1. Timely updates my Azz, I had a Droid X and that piece of crap never got updated neither has the bionic, and the razr will never get jelly bean you can quote me on that. From a VERY satisfied GSIII user

          2. Read my whole post. You took that out of context. I said “Who knows, maybe the next Nexus will be Moto”. Meaning that if that happened, Motorola would then have timely updates.

            Like I said earlier, I have been using Motorola phones 95% of the time I have been on Android. Trust me, I know Motorola is slow on updates. I was on the droid X as well.

            I personally am hoping that will change in the future though. I am hoping that the combination of blur being scaled down on top of Moto being owned by Google will improve update times. But, only time will tell.

            And in all honesty, unless you are on a Nexus device, all manufacturer updates are pretty slow, even Samsung.

          3. I had a Droid X as well and it was updated as fast as HTC and a hell of a lot faster than Samsung. The Nexus phones are the only ones with timely updates.

          4. Spot on. Most people buy smart phones to use their apps and make calls. That’s mostly it. Most people don’t even know what a bootloader is (I’m into tech, and I don’t have a clue, nor do I even care).

          5. You are absolutely correct. And I know you weren’t replying to me, but going back to my point…if more phones have unlocked bootloaders, then that, I would think, makes it easier for developers…which in turn increases innovation. I understand that it doesn’t matter to the everyday buyer, and so it shouldn’t matter if it IS unlocked, but wouldn’t you rather have innovation pushed forward at the speed of the development community, rather than by the oems?

          6. Can you point out some innovation that unlocked bootloaders have contributed to? I am still trying to figure out what exactly. I have seen Google take things from other manufactures skins and what not. But how does having access to a phone’s kernel help innovation? I am not trying to push back, I just honestly can not find any hints of innovation brought on directly from an unlocked bootloader?

          7. You don’t believe that Google has adopted things from independent developers somewhere along the way? And by arguing for an unlocked bootloader, Im saying that all things being equal, I believe a developer is more likely to choose the device with an unlocked bootloader rather than one locked up.

          8. Maybe so, but I have no proof. And third party developers are great if you like to root and put ROMs on your device which I do not. So no, I really don’t think an unlocked bootloader makes that big a difference in the innovation department of my smart phone, present or future. Sorry.

          9. No need to be sorry…its too bad I couldn’t convince you…perhaps my debating skills just suck!
            ; )

          10. I agree. You are right on that part. However, I just don’t see how it can be beneficial to the majority of users. Not saying this was your point of course, but I dislike how other people on here demand a phone has an unlocked bootloader, just so they can mess with the phones inner workings (even if they aren’t developers themselves).

          11. Yeah, I can see how that might become annoying when you don’t care yourself. Kind of like Im sure the people who love using the cloud get sick of hearing about me (and others) complain about lack of expandable storage, and vice versa.

    3. I agree. Still I put more blame on verizon because even their GS3 came with an encrypted bootloader

  2. Definitely Razr HD.

  3. I bet its a Motorola Droid RAZR tab

  4. Judging by the angled corners, I’d say its the RAZR Max HD

  5. I’d say by the looks of it, this is what I wish the Atrix HD had been. It looks more like the current Atrix crop with a splash of Motorola’s new carbon fiber image. It also looks like it’ll have a removable battery.

    Judging by the size of the camera and Motorola logo compared to the body of the phone, I’d hazard a guess to the screen size being 4.3″ or less. Which means that if it is available on AT&T’s network, this should definitely be my next phone.

  6. I bet it wont have 4.1, and that is a dealbreaker.

  7. Hopefully they’re working in the next Nexus!

  8. False alarm. It is a current device with LTE. Nothing new will be revealed on Friday.

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