Aug 7th, 2012

No matter which OS you have tattooed across your chest, whether it’s “Team Android” or “Team iOS” I think we can all agree that working for Google definitely has its perks. Besides the fact that Google consistently tops the list of best companies to work for, Google just keeps coming up with all sorts of useful technologies and fun little doohickeys. I’ve said it many times before — it’s hard to not love Google.

Still, for all the great ideas Google has managed to come up with (Android, Google Glass, 100Mbps down Google Fiber network), there’s always seems to be a few that slip through the cracks (Wave, Buzz, etc.). I suppose that’s what prompted the boys at CollegeHumor to come up with this Google parody video highlighting the fact that maybe, just maybe… Google is too ambitious for its own good? Watch the video below and see if you agree.

So what do you guys think? Is Google really just full of crap? Did the video give you chuckle or make your blood boil? The way I see it, if Google can just deliver on Glass and that self-driving car they’ve been showing off — we’ll be good. Forever. Love you, Googs.