Court “concerned” that Google and Oracle paid off bloggers


Judge William Alsup of the US District Court has ordered that Oracle Google disclose information pertaining to whether or not the parties may have paid off journalists and bloggers to provide biased opinion on their recently settled patent showdown. The court’s “concern” centers on Florian Mueller, known as the author of FOSS Patents, after Oracle hired the amateur patent expert to their team. What followed was a series of articles discussing the trial that placed favor in Oracle’s court.

Alsup’s request may carry multiple implications. Not only could the newly uncovered information be used during the appeals process, but it would also call to light recent issues involving the use of industry voices to shift public opinion, such as Samsung’s recent decision to release evidence barred from their legal fight with Apple. When there is money involved, that counts as a paid endorsement. And when it’s a paid endorsement, the endorser is required to that provide information upfront.

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  1. And then Google should contact the Department of Justice and launch an investigation to see how many of these Judges are taking bribes, along with the US Patent Office.

    1. US Patent Office? Going right for the root of the problems….I see….

      Btw, does anyone know if every country has a patent office? If you invent something, do you need to patent it in every country? ( that would seem stupid) Or are patents from the USA (for example) sometimes also seen as legit patents in other countries?

      1. I believe you have to file for a patent in the country your home office resides in.

      2. You have to file multiply places, since there is different rules for patents depending on the country.

        1. How many places? I can’t imagine filing it in every country.
          Do you know in which countries US patents are valid?

          1. it depends how you file for patent, some patent can be filed to cover the world, while other need to be filed in each an every country. As an example apple had to buy the right for the name ipad in china, by another company that already had it granted. Some patent can be filed to cover bigger area like every country in EU, since EU have a guideline for what you can patent.

            It is very complicated, and most people get a company to handle filling of patents.

          2. Copyrights and trademarks are different from patents. The iPad name is copyrighted not patented.

          3. Okay, bad example I will change it to something else. Where I live you can’t patent software, so a lot of patent you can file in USA are useless in my country.

            Here is another example
            Even thought apple got granted a patent for siri, someone already had a patent that covered it in china already.

  2. Mueller, what a tool.

    The information Samsung released was already public knowledge.

  3. This sounds like it is on Oracle.

  4. That is what you get for using Florian Mueller as a witness. Hopefully, this will discredit him enough for Phandroid to stop using him as a source of information. Almost everytime he is used, readers always complain. Please learn and ignore the idiot.

    1. I’ve seen his site referenced by many other sites, which should be stopped now.
      Far too many sites are paid for a biased opinion, I tend to ignore those I know to be sell outs.

  5. U mean Like apple paid out BGR?

  6. Shouldn’t we be doing that to Lucy Koh? if anyone needs investigated its her.

    You know she owns Apple’s products.

    1. doesn’t matter which she owns (likely to be either iOS or Android), it’s whether anything’s being done to add bias to her decisions!

      1. Yeah its called that courtesy pay check she receives under the table from apple.

  7. Which bloggers were paid off?

  8. Can’t help but think this is all on Oracle. Pretty much every article published covering the legal battle listed Florian as a source. About the only place to not take the bait was Groklaw.

  9. “I am shocked, shocked that there is gambling in this establishment.”

  10. This is ho news get distorted. i’ve gotta say – I went to the Google IO and the blogs and sites writing news about it had strange articles written on it. They didn’t properly convey what was going on at Google IO. I couldn’t tell whether it was for a reason or done by accident by people who aren’t good at writing (not saying whether Phandroid was or wasn’t 1 of these sites).

  11. Well, at least it let’s us know that Mueller was on the take, which quite frankly, was the most obvious thing ever. He was always so anti-Google, anti-Android, he could barely mask his contempt for the operating system.

  12. No shock or surprise. Everyone that followed this knew that Mueller was a shill for Oracle even though he says otherwise. Same goes now with the Apple v. Samsung circus. No judge in their right mind would side with Apple. Especially on their trade dress patents. Apple like Oracle will get their asses handed to them.

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