Aug 6th, 2012

According to S4GRU — a forums dedicated to following Sprint’s Network Vision rollout — Sprint’s 4G LTE has already begun showing a pulse in the San Francisco Bay area, ahead of its official launch. Sites aren’t expected to go live until November, but some Sprint customers have reported seeing LTE on their devices, in the San Jose, Cupertino area, hitting speeds of 17Mbps down/9Mbps up. The map pictured above shows green dots where LTE was connected, and blue dots for 3G. What’s more is users are also reporting of improved 3G speeds of 1.5Mbps down (where they previously had 400kbps).

Of course, the LTE connection wasn’t anywhere near consistent but it’s nice to see Sprint making progress with their Network Vision rollout. Any Phan readers in the Bay area noticing their LTE icons lighting up?

[Via S4GRU | Android Police]