Aug 6th, 2012

While the Nexus 7 is most likely going to be used primarily as a tablet there’s no reason it can’t serve more than one purpose. SonicElectronixTV published a video of an in-dash installation of the device inside a 2008 Dodge Ram. Its size makes it possible to easily detach for when you want to take the tablet out of the car making it one of the more flexible setups out there. And if you split the costs between being a tablet and an in-dash unit you’re paying $100 for each, at least. Not bad at all. Get a look at this tempting setup in the YouTube video above.

[Update]: if you were wondering about the method and material used to make this particular set up, Seth from SonicElectronix offered us the following explanation:

The dash modification was created by using ABS plastic, fiberglass, bondo, and suede.
Once the previous stereo was removed (a Kenwood DNX9960), we cut some ABS to size to make the sides and mixed in some fiberglass along the back. Fiberglass was needed because it has a little more “give” and made pulling the tablet out easier. Bondo was used to soften the edges (after a bunch of sanding) and OEM paint was used to provide a seamless factory look. Suede was put on the back for a classy look when the Nexus is removed and a soft cushion for when the Nexus was installed.

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