Sprint HTC EVO 3D owners now receiving Ice Cream Sandwich


Reports are flowing in that Sprint’s HTC EVO 3D owners are beginning to see notifications to download the upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich over-the-air. We’ve long known of Sprint’s plans to bring Ice Cream Sandwich to the device.

It notably excludes Sense 4.0, though we didn’t expect anything to the contrary considering all the leaks have been running 3.6 and considering this device doesn’t house an S4 processor.

In any case, you’ll at least be getting the most modern features of Android (Jelly Bean introduced some new things, of course) that you can hope for right now, as well as a few small things to look forward to in Sense 3.6. Hit up the settings menu of your phone to pull it down. [AndroidForums.com, thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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  1. “It notably excludes Android 4.0, though we didn’t expect anything to the contrary considering all the leaks have been running 3.6 and considering this device doesn’t house an S4 processor.”

    You mean Sense 4.0, right? Mistakes happen.

    1. yeah i was lost…

    2. Yea I got mixed up. Thanks.

  2. I got my update this morning. I must say that Sprint kept their promise.

  3. SWEET!! Now owners just have another 6 – 10 months to wait before JB rolls out, lol. I kid, I kid…lol. These are just jokes!

    1. or are they…? lol

      1. Hey who down voted me lol. People can’t take jokes…..

  4. Glad to see the E3D get some Ice Cream. Can’t say the same for my old LG Thrill!

    1. Damn VZW is killing me waiting for the rezound

  5. i updated my phone to ICS about an hour ago and since then, my phone keeps
    rebooting and doesn’t seem to recognize the micro SD card (the same one I’ve
    used in the phone since I got it on release day). The card is listed in the
    Storage menu in settings with the correct total and free space, but it doesn’t
    recognize it otherwise. Trying to unmount it does nothing, no pictures are
    showing up in my gallery and the apps that are on my card are showing on my home
    screens with the default Android logo instead of the actual app logos. Anyone
    know how to fix this? The phone is not (and never has been) rooted. Anyone know how to fix it? The phone is working better without the card in it.

    1. Back up your sd and format it, there might be information on the card that’s conflicting with the new system, if that dosent work, wipe the phone as well.

      1. Thanks. Yeah, I was thinking I’d have to format the card. Although now I’ve also realized I can’t read my texts. I get notifications of new texts but iI just get a Loading… message when I try to view them so I’m afraid I may have to do a factory reset, which I don’t want to have to do.

        1. I’m also getting this problem with not being able to read my text, it just solved itself though… what i did was pull the battery and then load messages and then let it sit there for like two mins and it solves itself…

  6. After seeing this article and frantically checking to see if it was available, I have it installed and I must also say that it is absolutely beautiful. I have noticed that it feels a little clunky but that could also be because of app updates and running background processes, will have to see after a reboot to clear it all up

  7. great update, but too bad it’s not as delicious as jellybean

  8. After I did a battery pull it worked great. The other only issue I have seen is that when I try to use the photo album widgets they cause my sd card to become unreadable.

  9. I will dig my evo 3d out tonight just to update lol I was always curious what it would be like with ics.

  10. Oh good this should help me with selling it (got the Galaxy Note LTE and was supposed to use the money from the 3vo to pay for it six months ago lol)

  11. As I said before when it was only a rumor that it would get ICS… it helps the phone IMMENSELY. Still, it doesn’t correct the headphone jack being buggy or the funky digitizer that occasionally requires you to put the phone back to sleep and wake it up.

    Software fixes are sweet, but only if there aren’t any hardware faults to undermine said fixes.

    1. Your phone has that digitizer issue, too?

  12. Is anyone having issues downloading the software? Mine keeps saying software is corrupt.

    1. I had that problem before because my evo was rooted. Is yours rooted?

  13. Quick question: How do I set a custom notification sound on this now? I can’t for the life of me figure it out.

    EDIT: Nevermind, just figured it out. Mods can delete this if they want.

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