So long, Sidekick 4G (and hope for a replacement?) [Early Retirement]


Welp, it’s finally official. We’ve known for a long time that T-Mobile was beginning to phase the Sidekick 4G out of its line-up, and now it’s official: a T-Mobile rep has confirmed to PhoneScoop that the Sidekick 4G has been retired. The device was introduced early last year as a continuation of the Sidekick line.

It would mark the first time that the smartphone was not based on Danger, a company and line of products (both hardware and software) that would eventually get swallowed up by Microsoft. T-Mobile pegged Samsung to create the Sidekick 4G, and Samsung put their Android expertise to good use on this rendition.

It took a sharp turn from Samsung’s usual user interface, of course, as Samsung tried to incorporate elements from Danger’s software while introducing some new ones of their own. Long story short, the device enjoyed a pretty decent run but it has run its course. Is the Sidekick line dead? Absolutely not.

When we first learned that the Sidekick 4G was being phased out we’d questioned whether or not the line was dead. It wasn’t clear back then, but it is clear now: the rep confirmed that the retirement of the Sidekick 4G “doesn’t mean we are discontinuing the T-Mobile Sidekick line.” So yes, there is hope that the Sidekick family could live on, but there’s no telling whether or not it will live on with Android.

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  1. Just bring a nice 4.5 inch screen w/keyboard to the table and call it the sidekick.

  2. Good riddance. My wife has had 4 different sidekicks, and the 4G is just a horrendous POS. It crashes constantly and the horrendous skin they stuck on it lags so bad its embarrassing.

  3. I had 4 Sidekick in 10 years.. now i m using HTC G2.. i hoping Samsung Blaze Q come true! I havent see anything confirm?? Like Galaxy Note…. (cross finger)

  4. It was too big.

  5. The specs were kinda weak.. Especially the camera.. More mp and put a damn flash on that thing. Oh well.. Peace out Sidekick.

  6. Get Motorola or HTC to make it, 4.5 inch screen, 8mp camera (with flash), 1.2 mp ffc, 1.5 GHz processor (enyxos) and a decent keyboard. Kids dont want no POS candyland phone no more, and us grown folks wouldn’t mind using it if it the casing was metallic or business appropriate and had android 4.0 with no ui skin, straight vanilla.

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