Best Buy offering Verizon Galaxy Nexus free on-contract


Looking to get one of the most widely-supported Android handsets (via third-party developers, anyway) on the planet? You’ll definitely want to consider Best Buy’s attractive offering.

They’ve been selling the device at Best Buy Mobile locations for free on new two-year agreements. Both new customers and those upgrading will be able to get in on the deal so no one should have anything to worry about when they walk into the big yellow ticket store. Check in with your local Best Buy to see if they’re mirroring the deal. [via PhoneArena]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Amazon. Just for a penny.

  2. Well I’m glad I paid over a hundred dollars for mine barely a month ago…

    1. go in and see if you can get a price match.

  3. That’s free for an upgrade too. It says “2 year upgrade” is free in the middle of the tag (where it’s glared). I used to work there.

  4. It clearly says 2 year upgrade plan FREE

  5. not sure why people buy from amazon….must not be reading up on their separate ETF fee

    1. Because Amazon typically has the cheapest phone anywhere? Especially if you’re in a tax-free state.

  6. Still, it’s Verizon and a 2 year contract. Even at free it’s not worth it.

    1. All four major carriers have 2 year contracts so not sure what your point is.

  7. Why don’t they ever discount the off contract price? I think it’s only fair to drop the off contract price by the same amount they drop the on contract price. I say this because I’m only buying off contract from now on until they rip my unlimited data out of my cold dead hands.

    1. you answered your own question: no subsidy.

      1. All carriers need to adjust the pricing structure for contracts that have ran out. Technically when you don’t renew your contract, but continue paying on a monthly basis, you’re still paying the subsidized fee. After someone’s contract expires, they should have a lower monthly access fee.

        1. What they should really do is offer their plans at reasonable rates all of the time and do away with subsidized phones. If they want to make it easy for customers to buy a phone, they should just offer what would be essentially a credit plan, allowing buyers to pay for their device over the course of a couple years on their monthly bill.

  8. If you have 2-3 lines in the family, you are looking at $5K over the life of the contract…soooo not worth it.

  9. Best Buy will still charge you the tax on the 600$ retail price, so its not really free!

    1. I don’t know where you shop but thats not true. If the phone says free it is free. No sales tax, no hidden fees, nothing.. hence free

  10. Crazy that Verizon charges $600 for this phone off Contract, yet Google charges $350 for the GSM version. If Google had a Verizon version of the phone available on Play I’d probably buy it.

    1. I think Google is subsidizing theirs too. Just as an off-contract version.

  11. Went in and bought three for my family yesterday. They are free for upgrades.

  12. Just got my GSM Galaxy Nexus from Google for $350 and I’m finally Verizon free ^.^

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