Samsung Chat-On update prepares for the Olympic games


As an official sponsor of the Olympic Games in London Samsung has been busy doing all it can to promote the event which doesn’t need promoting. This time they’ve updated their Chat-On app to include an “Olympic Buddy” feature. This feature will give you quick access to daily schedules, a medal tracker, and breaking news associated with the event.

But that’s not even the most they’ve done in this big upgrade. They’ve added a walkie-talkie feature for quick voice chats, the ability to see someone’s typing status in real time, the ability to edit a buddy’s name, the ability to zoom in and out of a photo, and a way to download new skins. There is also a new ChatON logo and a collection of bug fixes. Find it in the Google Play Store.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. This could be cool since it’s also on iOS. I’ve been wanting some sort of chat app that’s cross platform.



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