Jul 27th, 2012

Lenovo is done with the Ideapad K1. They are so done with it that they have packaged a final palate cleansing update, made it available to users, and washed their hands of the slate that was never particularly noteworthy to begin with. But perhaps this sendoff will be the one note we do remember about the Ideapad K1, because Lenovo has done something rather unique. While the tablet will no longer be sold or supported, this final update wipes out all UI customizations in favor of implementing a stock Android 4.0 experience.

The only issue with the update that leaves as the Ideapad K1’s legacy a rather fresh build of Android is the lack of access to the Google Play Store. But let’s not pretend that Lenovo wasn’t well aware of how easily their stock build of Android could be modified by the industrious dev community. With any luck, the tablet will go on to have a second life as an easily hackable alternative for those looking to experiment with the Android source code. If you are ready to sail off intro the sunset with the Ideapad K1, head over to the link below to download ICS and begin the installation process now.

[Lenovo via DroidDog]

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