Lenovo’s Transformer-Like IdeaTab S2110 Now Available For $343 (This Ones A Looker)


With so many Android devices coming out what feels like almost every single day, sometimes a few can slip through the cracks. That was almost the case with the Lenovo IdeaTab S2110 which silently went on sale today. The device was originally shown off at CES earlier this year, going by the name the IdeaTab S2 and now it looks like it’s finally time for the Lenovo’s tab to shine.

As you can plainly see, the S2110’s claim-to-fame is that it features a Transformer-like optional keyboard dock that gives a boost in both battery life and ports by way of 2 full-sized USB ports and full sized SD card slot. When it comes to processing power, this guy is packing a Qualcomm dual-core S4 which should handle all the CPU intensive tasks you can throw at it (gaming, could be a different story). Here’s a quick look at the rest of the specs:

  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Sleek and curved tablet with textured back for comfortable web surfing and reading
  • Bright 10.1″ IPS display with 178° wide viewing angle so you can share your experience with friends
  • Up to 10 hours battery life with 30 days standby time
  • Optional keyboard docking station with dual USB ports and 3-in-1 SD card reader extends another 10 hours of battery life and gives PC functionality with tablet convenience
  • Rich HD video with 720p playback
  • 5.0MP rear camera with autofocus and LED flash
  • 1.3MP front webcam for crystal-clear video chatting
  • Dual speakers and SRS® TruMedia audio enhancement
  • 3G* and WiFi connectivity
  • Access to thousands of apps via the Google Play Store and the Lenovo App Shop, which includes apps optimized specifically for Lenovo tablets.
  • Built-in AGPS finds your location in as little as 10 seconds (3G model only)
  • Built-in FM radio you can use offline

You can find the Lenovo IdeaTab 2110 right now on Lenovo’s official site in a variety of storage options where the 16GB and 32GB versions have been discounted to $343 and $375. Just add $56 if you want to nab the optional keyboard dock (wowzers).


Chris Chavez
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  1. Holy Moly I’m there

  2. Sending all your information to China

  3. wow thats awesome.
    edit: its a dual core. i have a TF101
    not interested anymore, all new tablets 10.1 should quadcore priced at 350 not 400 or 600..350

    1. It is an S4 not the T2 like the TF101. It is a big different in speed.

  4. One word: WANT!

    I mean really, An iPad-style flip cover, AND a keyboard attachment, and it’s still under $400? I mean, I’m missing the part where this isn’t THE Android tablet to have. I see two possibilities.:

    1) It’s actually not as good as it sounds, and there’s something else short-changed about it. Maybe the graphics aren’t actually that good? Is that what the snarky comment about gaming in the article is about?

    2) Lenovo doesn’t have a clue how to market this thing.

    Or most likely, both. :-) Anyone have details on why we shouldn’t all go out and order one right now? (Although I’m likely to get the WiFi only version; I don’t believe in spending money on two WAN data connections for myself.)

    1. This is where I hoped the transformer was going to price the tf 300. Very impressive price I deed! I am gonna start looking at reviews.

  5. does that cover have extra batteries in it, speakers or something? thats a huge clip on that thing to connect it to the tablet.

    1. It does although, the clip isn’t where the batteries are likely stored :p

  6. Be interested to see a review, because they really undercut asus there on the keyboard dock

  7. still over priced.. get it down to 250 and I will love it

  8. Why no mention of OS version?

    1. Lenovo’s website says Android 4.0.

  9. Something doesn’t add up in this article? In the title you say one tablet is $343 but in the article its a different tablet…

  10. Does anyone know if this has a digitizer for stylus input like the thinkpad tablet, or the galaxy note?

  11. Great specs, love the keyboard with battery and sd card. Must see a complete review of this product. This may be a keeper.

  12. This price is a sale price not the full retail. So if you want it then you have to act soon.

  13. hmmmm do I return my nexus 7 and get this???

    1. nope… but you might want to eBay the N7 when they release the N10 later this year.

  14. Sale ends on the 25th. Free shipping. 32gig version with keyboard is 429 out the door. After 25th 600. Will ship on 24th if ordered today :o

  15. I have the Asus Transformer Prime, and would REALLY like to have a go on the Lenovo… That’s one good looking tablet!

  16. Do yourself a favor and google thinkpad tablet gps before ordering any Lenovo android device. The gps, the micro-USB port, the volume rocker, the power button, and the camera were all broken or fragile and Lenovo has still not even admitted to any problems.

  17. They should really consider keeping that sale price indefinetely, once it jumps up it’s overpriced for it’s features

  18. Wow, and I get an employee discount from the company I work for bringing the total before tax and ship to $374.25 for the 16 gb plus dock.

    1. At this price I ordered one. $405.13 after tax and shipped for the 16gb + dock. The flip case is not available yet.

      1. When are you expected to get your Lenovo? It’s a full-sized tablet at
        the right price point… I may pull the trigger on it too!

        1. Never…or so it feels like. I ordered two of these 8 days ago and while the website said and STILL says same day shipping, I am told that they don’t have enough parts to manufacturer and send out my orders. I feel like I have been duped into pre-ordering.

  19. But with a Transformer there’s actually hope of getting Jelly Bean.

  20. Bugs me still. 5MP camera rear and a 2MP or less FFC. Why cant these comapnies start putting GOOD shooters on there devices? I dont care about MP count. I want a good 8-10MP with a stellar lens setup.

  21. “But with a Transformer there’s actually hope of getting Jelly Bean.”

    But with root there’s actually guarantee of getting jelly bean.

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