Motorola DROID RAZR HD (XT926) Hits FCC Complete With Verizon Radios and NFC


What have we here? A device going by the name of the Motorola XT926 just made its way past the FCC today, boasting Verizon compatible radios with 4G LTE, and global roaming capabilities. Also known as the much leaked Motorola Droid Razr HD, not much else was revealed in the filing (there never is) but rumors currently point towards a 720p HD display, 13MP shooter, 1GB of RAM, 3,300mAh battery (I really hope Moto delivers on that spec) and all the other specs typical of high-end devices these days. We’re getting closer, folks!

[FCC via AndroidPolice]

Chris Chavez
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  1. *Droool*
    I would switch to Verizon for this..

  2. And a bootloader locked down tighter than a romini gypsy’s hoo hoo dilly

  3. screen to bezel ratio pls lol

  4. Wonder if ir will have 2gb of ram

    1. Would be nice — but I HIGHLY doubt it (read: not gonna happen)

  5. Motorola is really milking this RAZR line up. Up next Motorola RAZR MAXX HD.

    1. >.> this tech is the maxx hd look at the post 3300mAh battery unless they find a way to get a tablet battery into it or something

    2. not as much as Samsung has milked the name Galaxy. With the Galaxy S, and the Galaxy Ace, and the Galaxy Y/M/W, and the Galaxy Beam, and the Galaxy Blaze, and the Galaxy Exhilarate, and the…Galaxy Badger Taint or whatever the hell they might call the next one….

  6. Full wrap around kevlar? yes please. The corner’s take a beating, so if they put the kevlar on the corners, it will be useful, unlike on the RAZR

  7. Sorry, Motorola, you took too long. Loved the build quality and radios on my DX, and wanted to compare the GS3 to the Razr HD before making a decision on my upgrade, but couldn’t wait any longer if I wanted to keep my Unlimited data, so I gave my money to Samsung.

    1. From what I can tell, you’re statement implies that Verizon is requiring that you upgrade to a new phone in order to keep your unlimited data plan…in which case I would talk to a Verizon rep about that be cause they don’t force me to upgrade at the end of my contract…so long as my next phone is a smart phone, I can keep my current phone as long as I like and so long as I always pay me bill, I keep my unlimited data indefinitely.

  8. Had been a fan of Motorola through the original Droid Razr and the Droid X as my first smartphone. However, after dealing with the X’s ridiculous fortified bootloader, never again. The GS3 has yet to drop a call, is protected just fine with a case, and the bootloader isn’t even close to as fortified as Motorola’s.

  9. How about bringing a razr to someone other than verizon

  10. Wow if that’s true.

  11. Finally, Maybe they delayed this one to give it some JB love. That means that it should drop withing the next two months. Thats cutting it pretty close to the holiday season and that means that Motorola withing 4 months of this release will be releasing another device on VZW for the holidays….like they did with the Droid 3, Bionic and D-Razr…..I thought that said that they were not going to release so many devices….

  12. My wife just got the HTC One S yesterday as a replacement to her Galaxy S2 she lost. Its very slim with a nice profile. This is a non removable battery and its very nice. I do like the setup so far.

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