Huawei Fusion 2 heads to the FCC


Huawei’s latest budget phone, the Huawei Fusion 2, was seen being serenaded by engineers over at the offices of the FCC. The smallish device is no doubt headed for AT&T. Earlier leaks of the device suggested this, but the FCC’s confirmation of AT&T’s GSM radios gives us another piece of evidence to cling on to.

The device won’t be a looker for those who want a powerful device but it’s going to be aimed at AT&T’s PAYG customers. The off-contract price could be less than $200, but that’s not something we can be confident in until we get more evidence or hear it from AT&T themselves. Head to the FCC to see for yourself. [via Phonescoop]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. No

  2. i have the original fusion…it’s okay except the fact that i can barely have 5 apps -,-

  3. Wait, what’s the difference between this and the original AT&T Fusion?

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