Galaxy Note 10.1 unboxed, features 2GB of RAM and Quad-Core Exynos


The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 has finally gotten into the hands of a willing leak and they wasted no time in unboxing the thing.

The device itself is not the least bit new to us, but there were a few things we still had questions about. The device does, in fact, house 2GB of RAM like many of its Samsung Galaxy S3 cousins.

It also sports a 1.4GHz quad-core Exynos 4412 processor, a 7,000 mAh battery, a 5 megapixel camera with 1080p recording, and it will be shipping with Android 4.0.4.

We prefer Jelly Bean, of course, but we’re certain it wasn’t ready in time. Remember that a rumor pegs August 15th as the launch date. We’ll see if that holds up in due time. [BravePost via Kuccblog]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. sounds really good, but screen resolution?

    1. It’s 1280×800.

      1. And that is certainly the deal breaker here. Sure it’s all for epeen, but everything else is high end on this.

        1. Really?

          Tablets don’t have even remotely the same power as comps of a few years back, but yet people now days expect them to perform better than my substantially more powerful — as in magnitudes — high-end PC and MacBook Pro 17″ and drive a resolution that only eats up the GPU’s resources on these low-powered devices, just so things can be a bit sharper — which most won’t even perceive and this has been proven.

          Sorry, ranted in general. :)

          1. 1080p on a 5in screen is pointless but 1080p on a 10in screen should be mandatory on any new high end tab. If it truly still has only a 12×8 screen then there is no way I would pay the same price for it over the ipad3. The Ipad3 has pretty much set the standard for new high end tablets and they need to have a 1080p screen if its a 10in device. And this is coming from a guy who pretty much refuses to buy any apple product.

          2. I’m sorry, are you calling the quad core Exynos in this thing low powered? The new iPad can power its Retina display just fine and there’s no reason this tablet wouldn’t be able to either. It was done to keep costs down, especially with 2GB’s of ram, quad core processor, and an active digitizer on the screen.

          3. @James,

            It’s a low powered device. It runs on batteries. Why are you apologizing?

            It’s impressive for a tablet — at least for the moment — but when compared to any desktop or notebook with in recent years, even my workstation from 7 years ago, it’s no where near as capable; but that’s OK, as it uses way less power.

            The iPad with a retina display requires “four” times the GPU power of the iPad 2, just to deliver the same visual level of performance — which in reality I can see latency when using it — just to make the screen sharper; which I can perceive, but not everyone can.

            At 1280 x 800, this 10.1″ tablet is about 150 PPI. A 1920 x 1200 10.1″ screen is 224 PPI. In reality, that’s a marginal difference that people often can not perceive. So 150 PPI isn’t not good enough? It’s not like the extra screen pixels are used to display more pallets, more code, etc., it’s used as a bragging right, just to provide a marginally sharper screen at the cost of using more system resources.

        2. please go away with that nonsense.

      2. I can’t understand why they didn’t go with a full HD screen on this, everything else says high end on it.

        1. Reason is Exynos 4412 — it supports max resolution of WXGA.


          For a Full HD or WQXGA ( 2560 x 1600 ) display, we need a better GPU (like Mali T604 in Exynos 5250). Also it would be hard to drive such a high density display with low memory bandwidth. That’s why new iPad and the Exynos 5 has a higher memory bandwidth compared to other SOCs. Even that is considered comparatively less to drive such a high density display. You may see games stuttering when played at such native resolution. We have to wait for mass production of Exynos 5 before we can have a higher density display from Samsung in Tab/Note lineup. Exynos 5 is in “customer sample” phase now.

          Just look at the GLbenchmark fps for 1080p off-screen test for Tegra3. It’s a lowly 29 fps. What’s the point of such a display?? Then comes affect of heat and battery life. Also there is added cost associated with double RAM and Wacom S Pen. It’s obvious we can’t have everything even though I would have loved a Full HD myself..

      3. 1280×800 is still a pretty good resolution. It looks like everyone has bought into the Retina Display hype with tablets, just like they did with phones.

  2. awesome….just release the Note 2 with the same CPU/RAM with 5.5 inches and it will be an awesome combo!!!

  3. F*! Where’s mine! :O

  4. Hopefully with them unifying the hardware between the GSIII, this, and hopefully the Galaxy Note 2, Cyanogenmod will be able to write ROMs for these really quickly.

  5. I like the 2gb of RAM, however I am happy with my TF700/Transformer Infinity purchase.

  6. I’ll wait for the nexus 10, that is if Google makes one. Can’t hurt to hope.

    1. Agreed. Nexus 10 can only have better hardware, and it will be a nexus. I’m in no hurry. Come on 1080p.

  7. This means it will get Jelly Bean 4th quarter 2013… And that’s a MAYBE… Pass

    1. itll have jelly bean in a month or so, easy

    2. what year are you living in? 2010?

      samsung is on top of their game with updates nowadays

  8. Can it make phone calls? Please! Somebody tell me!

    1. Sure over Wifi and Google Voice why not.

  9. Thanks to Apple, that over sized silver bezel looks odd. I’d love to see this with a black bezel and lined with gold trim.

    1. Then you may be interested in Vertu’s upcoming Windows 8 tablet. It has a swanky black/gold trim, and it only costs $6,500 more than the leading device!

  10. we need full HD screen now. the new ipad is still the better choice. i dont like apple. i need android tablets with that screen….TF700 is the better choice here

  11. What a great package that would make with my SGS3. I want one.

  12. I need some clarity on this for a second. Since the Note 10.1 has a quad Exynos processor, can it run Tegra HD games like Shadowgun THD or Riptide THD? Or are they ONLY Tegra optimized? If it can, I’ll be grabbing one of these bad boys real soon.

  13. It’s unfortunate Samsung is milking the Exynos 4412 for every Android product they’ve released this year, if the SGS3, SGN 10.1 and SGN 2 all come with Exynos 4412 and WXGA resolution than you’re better off ignoring Samsung’s Q3 releases and waiting for the November Nexus line up and S4 Pro powered devices. Qualcomm has straight up murdered Samsung and Nvidia in the processor war this year, it’s native LTE or GTFO for pretty much all of North America.

    1. But what does Qualcomm have to offer other than native LTE?

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