Verizon’s Samsung Jasper finally gets leaked image


The Samsung Jasper, a mid-range 4G smartphone for Verizon, has been in the rumor mill for quite some time. Between vague leaks and stops at the FCC it wasn’t long before we’d eventually get a look at the thing. EVLeaks got their hands on initial press shots of the device and went to Twitter to unleash them.

Despite being positioned as a mid-range device the Jasper will house Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 processor, the same processor being used in the likes of Verizon’s HTC DROID Incredible 4G LTE and the Samsung Galaxy S3.

We should note that its processor should come underclocked like the DROID Incredible 4G’s, whose processor runs at a clock speed of 1.2GHz compared to the 1.4-1.5GHz we’re seeing on high-end models. The display is what gives its mid-range aspirations away with a WVGA resolution of unknown size.

There clearly are cameras on the front and back of this thing, though without a flash to accompany the rear option we’re not sold that this will be expected to produce any serious shots like the Samsung Galaxy S3.

This device features capacitive buttons for back, home, multitasking, and the dedicated menu button. This layout is rather necessary for its Ice Cream Sandwich software, though we’re sure Samsung could have rolled that multitasking button into a long-press of the home button.

Weird button layouts aside we can’t be sure that TouchWiz will be as fully-fleshed as it is on the Samsung Galaxy S3 despite having the same chipset. For starters it might not have the same amount of RAM as the flagship line, and Samsung might be inclined to hold features back for the sake of giving the Galaxy S3 a reason to be purchased over anything else.

In any case we’re not 100% sure what to expect from the full slate of specs so we’ll be reserving initial judgment until we can get just that. [via The Verge]

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  1. Meh

  2. It looks to close to the Droid charge

    1. thats what I was thinking to. Droid charge 2 for sure

    2. That was my initial reaction as well. It’s the point at the bottom.

  3. It would be nice to see a follow-up to the Stratosphere!!!

  4. All i read in the article was GSIII, GSIII, GSIII… why compare this to the GSIII if it DOESNT COMPARE TO THE GSIII!!! Not even close..

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