ZTE unveils Grand X with Android 4.0 as UK pay-as-you-go option


ZTE has just taken the wraps off of their latest Android offering, the Android 4.0-powered Grand X. Compared to other devices in ZTE’s lineup, the Grand X is more than reasonably specced with a 4.3-inch qHD display, dual-core Tegra 2 processor clocked at 1GHz and a 5MP camera. The phone is also more than reasonably priced at £190 in the UK, where it will be available on Virgin Mobile’s pay-as-you-go plan.

It isn’t clear if the Grand X is the “advanced gaming smartphone” that ZTE teased only a few days ago, and it would be a disappointing if this is how the maker of budget smartphones lives up the hype. Still, the Grand X has a few redeeming qualities, namely the stock implementation of Android 4.0 it enjoys. Folks in the UK can get their hands on the ZTE Grand X starting early August. We will likely see it in other regions, but details are not available at this time.

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  1. Oh damn, I didn’t even know they still made tegra2 chips

    1. Sony is using the tegra 2 chips in their new walkman lineup

  2. For some reason I see HTC jumping ZTE about the nomenclature “X”….omg I feel like an Apple troll….

    1. The DROID X was first though, so you shouldn’t worry. It’s not like it’s Apple.

    2. X has been used in countless pieces of technology – it isn’t called a One X so HTC has no case.

  3. This is what other manufacturers should start pumping out.. more stock based android phones. How fast this will get an update is another thing since it isn’t a “Nexus” phone. This is a phone with pretty good muscle behind it running stock 4.0.

  4. i reaally like this phone. calculated ppi pixel density as 256. Just that ZTE should use the slogan that they used

  5. Nobody else think it’s very like the Nexus S? It’s the first thing that striked me…


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