Verizon adding more LTE coverage this week, 33 new markets launch Thursday


Verizon, in its effort to maintain a hold as the nation’s largest 4G LTE network, will once again expand its high-speed data services in regions around the United States. A total of 55 markets will see LTE for the first time or see current coverage expanded. The breakdown includes 33 new markets, including such locales as New London County, CT; Vero Beach, FL; and Missoula, MT. Network expansions will occur in 32 markets including San Francisco, Washington DC, and Seattle.

The additions bring Verizon’s total number of LTE markets to 337, which puts them well ahead of newcomers AT&T and Sprint, which boast 47 and 15 4G markets respectively.

[via CNET]

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  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: It’s time to stop measuring Verizon’s LTE coverage in markets and start measuring in square miles. The new coverage in Northwest Missouri is fantastic and actually covers a lot of rural area. I noticed it show up a little over a week ago and for the past 4 days it’s been on solid. Speeds aren’t the greatest though. I’m only getting about 4 down, 1 up.

    1. Agreed. I get 4G in most of rural Arkansas now. I don’t even bother turning the 4g radio off anymore.

  2. Yet in spots out west, I can’t even get 3g!!!! Nice

  3. Looking good just south of Fort Lauderdale, FL. I’ve got 2 bars of 4G inside my office versus the struggling one bar I previously had :)

  4. Please, please, please open up in kitsap county in seattle area!!!

  5. Mine got turned on 2 weeks ago as well, but I’m getting fantastic speeds. Averaging 9mbps up 11 down.

  6. Please in Kitsap county! The military folks over here would greatly appreciate it Verizon!

    1. Just last week they started in Bellingham… I can’t get it to connect >.< Think there is only one tower at the moment heh.

      1. I noticed it show up a little over a week ago and for the past 4 days it’s been on solid. Speeds aren’t the greatest though.

  7. I’m still hopeful for Sprint, I hope to see better coverage in the ATL market in some weeks

  8. Finally Lynchburg va…now I can start looking at 4g phones

  9. love that they’re expanding into new territory, but also wish they’d upkeep their current 4G markets.
    Charlotte NC, at various testing points, i can’t get over 2 down,1up. ymmv, obviously, but this is even with phones in various Verizon stores.

  10. And THIS is why I joined Verizon!!!

  11. expand in sacramento pl0x?

  12. I wish VZW would get around to my area, oh wait they did, it just doesn’t work.
    Can you hear me now? No we’re not in the same room.
    VZW the most reliable network, true we can always count on it not working.

    I am a VZW customer so I can say those things.

    1. What, your breaking up!?

    2. Why would you stay with a carrier that doesn’t work for you?
      If it doesn’t work… switch. Yes, you CAN break your contract if you are paying for things you don’t get. (In fact, your contact has already been broken, by your carrier.)

      If you continue to pay… the only person to blame is you.

      1. Because And Take and Take (AT&T) is just as bad.
        “If you continue to pay…the only one to blame is you.” spoken like a true VZW employee, so someone providing inferior service is not to blame for that service, alrighty then.

  13. Why is Sprint getting into its FIRST LTE locations… when Verizon is adding city #337 ????
    Something isn’t right here.
    That isn’t possible.
    No carrier in their right mind would be THAT far behind.

  14. Verizon’s LTE here in St. Louis is maddening. Constant ups and downs, with complete loss of data when it automatically switches between 3G/4G. It’s the price we pay for speed I guess, but man is it frustrating.

  15. So I guess if you don’t even get 1x you are stuck with a land line for good

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