Jul 17th, 2012

Everyone’s favorite tomb raider Lara Croft has gotten a place of her own on the Google Play Store. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is a 2010 game that was first released on Playstation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace, but it since went mobile and enjoyed a brief stint of exclusivity on iOS.

Now it’s finally on Android for just $1.29. It’s a near 1:1 port of the console versions with obvious modifications for touchscreen controls.

The game takes place in central America where our protagonist is in search for the Mirror of Smoke, a historic artifact that gives its possessor the fate of the world. Get to the Google Play Store to take this quality experience for a spin.

[Update]: bummer. It looks like this game has a timed period of exclusivity on Sony Xperia devices. Unless you have any devices from that line-up you’ll probably be told that none of your lowly devices can download the game. Let’s hope that exclusivity expires sooner rather than later.

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