[Update: Xperia only] Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light for Android now available


Everyone’s favorite tomb raider Lara Croft has gotten a place of her own on the Google Play Store. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is a 2010 game that was first released on Playstation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace, but it since went mobile and enjoyed a brief stint of exclusivity on iOS.

Now it’s finally on Android for just $1.29. It’s a near 1:1 port of the console versions with obvious modifications for touchscreen controls.

The game takes place in central America where our protagonist is in search for the Mirror of Smoke, a historic artifact that gives its possessor the fate of the world. Get to the Google Play Store to take this quality experience for a spin.

[Update]: bummer. It looks like this game has a timed period of exclusivity on Sony Xperia devices. Unless you have any devices from that line-up you’ll probably be told that none of your lowly devices can download the game. Let’s hope that exclusivity expires sooner rather than later.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Available but incompatible with all my devices including the Xoom and Droid 3.

    1. That’s just xperia exclusive!!

      1. Thanks, I see that now. When the article was posted there was no mention of it being an exclusive.

  2. This game is xperia exclusive!! Admin for some time!!

  3. Requires permissions to both send and receive SMS messages. Why?
    Not that it matters while it’s tied to a single make and model.

  4. So, what, it currently has an audience of 100 people?

  5. that’s alright, the game doesn’t look too good anyways.

    1. The game was pretty good on consoles and got solid reviews and was generally liked by most people who played it.

      1. LOVED it on consoles. :)

  6. Not only Xperia Play! It is also compatible with other Xperia smarthones.

  7. An xperia play exclusive that is not available for my device (xperia play). It must be very exclusive

  8. Sony needs to expand the Xperia exclusive tag to include the Tablet S/P

  9. LARA CROFT : Guardian Of Light Android Gameplay

  10. This Lara character has DSL…..

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