Image of Motorola XT907 for Verizon surfaces, could be mid-range RAZR


Verizon and Motorola’s RAZR lineup looks to be expanding once again. Along with the upcoming Motorola RAZR HD, a newly leaked image suggests we may be getting a mid-range model as well. Identified as the Motorola XT907 with Verizon and 4G LTE logos squarely in place, the device pictured above carries the trademark Kevlar backing of the RAZR series and a design that would mesh right in as well, though the phone takes more cues from the recently announced ATRIX HD than it does from the likes of the Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX.

The model number positions the device below the original RAZR (XT912) and upcoming RAZR HD (XT926), which implies that the device will rank slightly lower in terms of hardware. Rumors place a dual-core Snapdragon S4 and qHD display as some of the expected components. Little else is known about the device at this time.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Motorola Engineer’s are out of touch with reality. The KEVLAR is a gimmick, it is useless on the back. It needs to be on the corners, where the phone usually impacts during a fall. When does a phone ever fall directly in the center back?

    1. The Kevlar is acting as a heat shield for the very thin casing to protect the user’s hand. It’s marketed as a gimmick, but it’s really not.

      1. The phone is advertised as “made KEVLAR® strong” it mentions nothing about heat protection. There is no Viper motor under the hood, so you will not have to worry about that kind of heat.

        1. You sir, are an idiot.

          1. If you have nothing to back this “statement” then don’t say anything at all

        2. Neither is it thick Kevlar – and on one early unit that our staff had that was defective, it got very, very hot indeed, so yes, it’s a concern.

          And as I mentioned, it’s marketed as a gimmick – and it’s the gimmick you’re arguing with. Ever hit Kevlar on an edge? It’s no good.

          It’s a heat shield, plain and simple. But that would scare some people for no real reason.

          Phones can easily hit 140 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit under bad conditions. Not common, but not unheard of. You wouldn’t want to have your hand right up against things – hence – Kevlar.

          1. Kevlar is 5 times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis. Again, the Kevlar was used as a strengthening structure for the phone. If it was a heat shield, it would have been advertised as such. Give me a link where it is advertised as a heat shield.

          2. There’s no such advertisement. We’ve each made our assertions, let’s shake hands, agree to disagree on this one point, and wait for another day where we’ll either agree or disagree on something else. :)

          3. WOW, I was blindsided by that… Usually most want to engage in a ruthless threatening argument. And you’re right, nothing wrong with varying opinions.

          4. Hey, if that sort of common sense appeals to you, come join our forums – that’s how we roll, it’s in our rules. Link is in the top banner, sort of on the left. :)

            There’s a reason we’re the oldest and largest Android user self-help forum with over a million members and we think it’s because everyone enjoys a good chat with common courtesy. :)

            If you’re already member, great – see you there!

    2. Let’s see your engineering degree

      1. I don’t know how many times you have dropped a phone, but over the last 10 years, i must have dropped phones close to 100 times, and EVERY SINGLE TIME, the corners take the damage, not the center of the back. You don’t need an Engineering Degree to make logical observations.

  2. I sure hope the RAZR HD delay is to put Jelly Bean on it…

    1. Motorola has fallen behind Samsung in the Innovation department.

      1. really? Where’s Samsung’s 3000+ MAH battery and proprietary LTE modem?

        1. Show me a Motorola Phone that compares to the GS3 in innovation and specs? Yes, the RAZR MAXX is the closest, but still unmatched.

          1. There’s nothing innovative about the GS3. It’s just another high-end device. Compared to the GS2 or any of last year’s devices it’s just got more screen and more cores. That is not what innovation means.

          2. Have you held the GS3? It is very comfortable to hold, the design is innovating.

          3. What the hell is innovative about that? There are similar sized devices that are just as comfortable to hold. That aside there’s nothing innovative about paying attention to ergonomics, it’s been done. I think you’re just throwing out the word innovation without actually understanding its meaning.

          4. I don’t think you’ve held one yet. You mad?

            EDIT: If you’ve held one, you’d know.

          5. It’s innovating.

          6. Innovation: A new method, idea, product, etc. does not exclude design.

          7. Right that’s the definition, now consider the actual usage. What exactly is the new idea or method behind the GS3? Don’t worry I’ll wait…

          8. location of physical home button, location of rear speaker, screen size, exterior shape & curves, build quality, battery quality, NFC, front speaker grill design, software enhancements, rolling out to ALL carriers around the world, these are just a few. YOU obviously HATE the GS3, so no matter what i say, you will disagree. SO, in this case, lets agree to disagree. But, even though there are these positives about the GS3, I still like the G-Nexus more because of the Vanilla experience.

          9. None of that is innovative…

            physical home button – what exactly is new about that or it’s location? Samsung’s been doing it for years and it started out as iphone mimicry…
            Location of rear speaker – not new either, nor is it important, why you brought it up I don’t even know
            Screen size – been done before as well
            NFC – Nokia had this in a phone back in like 2005
            All carriers – All of them? EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM IN EVERY COUNTRY? You wanna double check that and provide a link? in any case that might be the best you’ve got so far

            And no I don’t hate the GS3, I just don’t have to make up fake reasons to like it. It’s a great device, it is not innovative, those are the facts, deal with them.

          10. Ok

          11. I’m not in love with the GS3, i prefer the G-Nex instead of the GS3. Another INNOVATIVE phone.

          12. Yeah, as innovative as a blown up Nexus S can be, which is not very much at all.

          13. I don’t use S-voice, it’s a gimmick. But so is SIRI, how many people do you know that ACTUALLY use Siri on a daily basis. Speaking to your phone in front of strangers is not desirable for obvious reasons such as privacy.

          14. never said it wasn’t a gimmick

    2. I wouldn’t bet on it

    3. nah they are prob delaying it to try and fit more bezel on it

  3. I know it’s hard to tell with nothing to compare it too but it looks like it’s smaller, possible 3.7 to 4 inch screen.

  4. Moto stop with the mid range phones! Just stop. Trust me.

  5. I think people would be pretty happy with a free RAZR on contract.

  6. Can they stop making mid-range phones? Just sell the current razor as a mid-range when they release the new one. Apple is still selling the 3Gs!

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