Rovio Announces Amazing Alex Coming To Android Devices On July 12th


If you’ve had it up to your eyeballs in angry fowl and green bacon Rovio’s newest IP is finally coming to Android this week. Originally known as “Casey’s Contraptions” the new game was picked up Rovio and redubbed “Amazing Alex.”

Gameplay should remain mostly intact for the most part and involves the player building Rube Goldberg type machines, using real-time physics in order to complete hundreds of challenges. Designs can also be shared with friends for those that like to show off, bringing a social aspect to the title. Nothing but good, clean fun here. You guys can expect Amazing Alex to hit the Google Play Store this Thursday, July 12th. Check out Rovio’s announcement trailer below.


Chris Chavez
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  1. looks okay may pick it up if there is a free version

  2. The artwork looks like cut the rope.

  3. Its looks like a old game named T.I.M (The incredible machine)…

  4. huh looks pretty cool.

  5. Shameless copy of the incredible machine .

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