Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III now launching July 12?


Verizon will be the last of the four major US carriers to release the Samsung Galaxy S3, and it now appears those who didn’t pre-order the device will be in for a slightly longer wait than expected. 48 hours longer, to be exact. Verizon’s site is now showing July 12th as the date the Galaxy S3 will be available for purchase after the carrier announced last week that the phone would launch on the 10th. VZW has not issued an official statement on the matter.

The change shouldn’t effect the shipping status of current pre-orders, as plenty of customers have already received their GS3 handsets in the mail. As for new online orders, the site is now showing a ship date of July 11th, meaning overnight orders will show up the same day as Verizon’s general retail availability.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Are all the S3s experiencing crackling while listening to music or ringtones?

    1. Why would someone vote this down? The guy is asking a question, lol some ppl are idiots :D

      1. It’s a pretty poor question though… Why assume an issue you’re seeing is universal? Would have been better to ask “Is anyone else experiencing…”

        1. Ok so he could’ve phrased the question a bit better, maybe English isn’t his first language, you don’t know that, not enough to vote it down, no one is perfect, ppl need to being so damn petty.

      2. I’m not saying its logical but it may be that people are using the voting system as a respones, up for “yes” and down for “no”, could be anyway…

    2. Nope. It’s just you, and a few other squeaky wheels. Exchange it.

  2. Hopefully just yours, not in a bad way but in the there hopefully are just a few bad ones.

  3. Conveniently now 15 days after the last day for grandfathering unlimited data… My wife picked up a Maxx because she wasn’t sure if she wanted the S3 or not before she could put her hands on it (waited until the last day for grandfathering). Now that she’s gotten to play with a different carriers versions, she’d like to swap the Maxx out for an S3, but it’s going to be released just outside her 14 day return window.

    1. so order it online now, problem solved.

      1. ^ This. Swapping out the phones will cause you to lose your unlimited data either way.

  4. So wait,, you mean Verizon is they last to release something… this is unheard of…
    I don’t understand why Verizon does this. Seriously,,, be there for your customers and release phones, updates, whatever when other companies do. Show people why you are supposedly “the best best company”

  5. The last carrier on the planet to get this phone. Good hustle Samsung! Feels outdated now when compared to when the rest of the world who got it months ago.

  6. I agree that it would have been better to ask ” is anyone else experiencing the issue”. However, I did not. I was asking a simple question. All I wanted was a simple answer. I guess I will be exchanging my phone when possible…

  7. I pre-ordered my S3 last week. Original ship date was 7/11. Yesterday it looks like my card was attempted to be charged, since I got a call from the bank asking if it was a legit purchase. I called Verizon to double check and the girl said that everything was fine, there was no interruption of the order. Just checked again and it looks like my ship date was changed to 7/19. Poor showing VZW…

  8. I pre-ordered my S3 June 15… still no word on a ship date (other than the previously given 7/10/12). My girlfriend ordered hers two weeks after me and got word that the phone had shipped last week and is set to arrive today. What happened to first come, first served?

  9. Verizon LOST my pre-order that I placed at 19 min past the pre-order time (6/6/2012) window now I am in the process of getting it re-ordered and trying to get it escalated to ship sooner than 7/19/2012.

  10. What, did VZW just realize the 10th wasn’t a Thursday and have to push it back for that?

  11. The Samsung Galaxy S III has gotten mixed reviews http://search4reviews.net/ but personally I am very happy with mine, each to their own.

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