Samsung Galaxy S III available now from AT&T


Check another North American carrier off the list as AT&T has launched the Samsung Galaxy S3 today. The phone is available online and in stores starting at $199 for the 16GB model. The Galaxy S III is the latest flagship device from Samsung and features Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, a dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, and LTE support. We had nothing but the nicest things to say in our full review of the handset, and we’re sure those heading out to pick it up won’t be disappointed. Be sure to sound off with your thoughts below.


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  1. I am waiting for the Samsung galaxy 3s quad-core with 2gb rams.

    1. It will prob be a year or more (if they ever do release such a thing). I doubt they will though since it would have little benefit over the added cost. The US variant has plenty of horsepower to live throughout (and maybe beyond) it’s life-cycle.

      I’m certainly not opposed to having more options available to the consumer though.

      1. Actually they will sell such device in south Korean market, all you
        Gotta do is check on eBay after the release and u might get lucky ;)

        1. Yeah, but is it compatible with our networks? SK always has the best phones anyway :/

          1. LTE will not work.

          2. I figured it wouldn’t. I’m not up to speed on global wireless tech.

    2. I’m right there with you dude, I’m not buying something unless its got a quad. I just don’t see the point. My old as hell dual core still keeps up just fine. No use in locking myself into a contract when something awesome comes out months later.

  2. Anyone who doubts the speed of the S4 Krait is a fool, if you have any ability to get it, this is the phone to get right now. NO question. I have had my i747 for over a week and can’t put it down.

  3. I need help making a decision. Keep the One X or swap for a SGS3? The One X looks and feels better hands down and the screen is amazing. And TouchWiz looks like booty. But the SGS3 has a bigger battery, more RAM, expandable storage, and you know it’s going to have major dev support so there will be plenty of ROMs out so I don’t have to deal with TouchWiz.

    1. If you don’t like TW, you have the freedom to change it to another launcher. I think the new TW is just fine though. I guess the other parts are about preference also, because the SGSIII feels great in my hands, and has an awesome screen.

      I can tell you this though, my phone has an amazing battery life and it’s incredibly snappy (fast).

    2. Both phones are perfect, I had the HTC one X, but I prefer the removable battery and the TW over the Sense. But the battery live is better on HTC One.
      In the end either phone it`s winners.

      1. Battery life is actually better on the One X even though the SGS3 battery is larger? That’s interesting. The larger battery was one of the reasons I was considering it. And the RAM and expandable storage.

        Even though the SGS3 screen is beautiful, after using the One X I can tell the difference.

  4. One x is going to be for sale on July 12 at Costco. It is going to be $70 off. HTC and nexus are basically the rival for samsung.

    1. samsung galaxy nexus.
      it’s a conspiracy.

  5. I will admit to being a doubter on this phone initially. My plan was to hold onto my SGS2 until a 28nm quad core came out. But my girls pre-ordered this phone for me for Father’s Day and now I am really glad. The battery life is triple my SGS2 and I have yet to see a single instance of UI stutter using the stock touchwiz or ADWex. I have co-workers with Razr Maxx and I was bummed there wasn’t an all day Android phone out for AT&T (At least not all day for me, 100+ emails, 40-50 SMS, a few hours of screen time per day etc) But a couple super minor bugs which I can workaround aside I think this phone is seriously amazing. I have no idea how the One X is but the lack of MMC and non-removable battery makes it a non-starter for me. And a lot of the Samsung UI tricks are kind of gimmicky but serious this is the first Android I’ve had that I can make my iPhone friends really jealous with. The smart stay feature alone is the coolest new feature I’ve had on a phone in a long time.

  6. Is it just me or are there way too many galaxy s3 posts already? I’m kinda getting tired about how Carrier ABC just got a new galaxys3 and it seems as if there’s like 15 different galaxy s3 posts on every page. Not trying to bash or anything but any real news?

    1. It’s the hot device right now. Phandroid is giving the people what they want. Just skip over articles that don’t interest you.

  7. I agree. Too many Samsung news. Any else new that isn’t Samsung related????????

  8. @ Paul. Shut your mouth vigina mouth. 3/4 of the articles here are Samsung. I rather see iphone news now.

  9. How are you guys mad because it’s so many Samsung galaxy s3 articles? The phone came out on four major carriers. How do you think ass holes. Anyway I got mine on the 06/21 and haven’t put the phone down since. I really believe the people that’s mad about having to many articles are the one’s that can’t get the phone themselves. O yeah to people that keep saying the HTC one x screen kill the s3 can kiss my A##! This screen is beautiful

  10. @ Chicago guy. Why did you not spell the whole word ass? You spelled it on ass hole but kiss my a##? You fail!

  11. @tony shark becuz I felt ass hole is not a cuss word compare to me saying kiss my a##! My comments got deleted before for using profanity. So that’s my reason ass hole! Fail? Nope

  12. This is by far my favorite Galaxy S thus far! With the extra GB of RAM this thing blows the doors off my old One X!!!

  13. MY Galaxy Note is still better than the S3 except for the 2gb of ram I envy.

  14. I just got mine on Friday 6th of July from AT&T at Best Buy. The buy back plan sweetened the deal and got it for NOTHING!!! GORGEOUS in every way. The videos on it (I have Netflix) are beautiful, sound is wonderful…got nothing bad to say about it. Still working on figuring out all it’s little goodies, but so far so good. Only issue is the Samsung Kies program for syncing. The program on Samsung’s website is rubbish. It won’t recognize the phone and with a brief bit of luck was able to transfer music onto the phone using Windows Media Player…any help would be appreciated. I was able to get the Kies Air up and running…just type in the URL number the phone gives you when you open the App, into your web brower and you’re good to go.

  15. This phone is amazing!

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