Samsung Galaxy Nexus ban temporarily suspended pending Apple’s response


Unlike with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, the US Court of Appeals has temporarily lifted a ban on Galaxy Nexus sales issued late last week. The key word here is “temporarily,” as the ban is only suspended pending a response from Apple that would help the court decide whether or not to allow sales of the device until a final decision is reached in the patent infringement case against Samsung.

The stay on the ban was the result Samsung had hoped to achieve when appealing the temporary injunction on their Galaxy Tab 10.1, but the Court of Appeals did not see eye to eye with the Korean tech maker when it came to that device. Google and Samsung are already hard at work to restore sales of the Galaxy Nexus by way of a software patch that would remove infringing elements. The plan was to have the device back on sale next week regardless of the result of the appeals process.

[via The Verge]

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Federal Court of Appeals denies Samsung’s stay request on Galaxy Tab ban

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  1. Finally caught a break! I hope they get that update pushed out real soon. Although i dont understand what the courts need a response from apple for. Is it to see if they approve of the update google is pushing out?

    1. “This just in: Apple runs the courts?” I was kind of wondering the same thing.

    2. I would actually like to see Judge Koh’s secret bank accounts starting from 5 years ago. Bet she has more money, Apple Stock, and devices she could ever ask for.

  2. While this is good news, hopefully they’ll hold off on pushing out the “fix” update until it’s actually needed. I’d rather see them avoid dumbing down their search until absolutely necessary.

  3. I’m more curious on how easy the software patch will be to revert. Apple can force Google’s hand into making all new Jellybean devices with patent evading code, but the first thing I’m going to do with it is reverse the changes if I can. Apple really has little authority over a device once it’s in user hands. Here’s hoping the unmodified code is tucked away safe and sound in AOSP.

    1. Go has a search widget with the same features that Apple is whining about.

    2. It may be as simple as reverting to the Velvet.apk version found in the current JellyBean builds since the supposedly “infringing” functionality is still present in the app right now. ;)

    3. this was exactly what I was going to do. I think we should all do it and start a website bragging about the fact that we are in fact doing that. I would love to see a C&D order on that.

  4. Its The US Court of Apples, not Appeals.

    1. actually, whoever pays more, they win.

  5. Thumbs Up!

  6. I know it can’t happen but while the ban is lifted, and maybe after, Google should lower the price to around $200 or $250 to get everyone on At&t to buy the GNex instead of waiting for the iphone 5. With the right amount of marketing, Google could sell a lot of these, and make their money backlike they will with the Nexus 7. The same way Amazon did with the Kindle, and Sony does with the PS3. The first off contract, high end phone, with the top of the line OS for less than $300 would sell like hot cakes. Who am I kidding? I am just being cheap.

    1. even though it’s illegal I think they should sell everything at a loss just to gain market share and finish them off in style.

      1. They need to sell it at cost. I would think cost is around 200. Unfortunately we’re seeing 3 devices in the future. Goolge, Apple, and Amazon. All linked to content that can only be watched or is best watched with their device. Absolutely ridiculous! We may see devices from Sony and Samsung that have music, books, and movies but available content will rule the game. Very interesting how this is all turning out.

        1. Exactly. Sel at cost, and market the hell out of it. Once JB is available ota call it the iphone killer. Tell the sheeple how great Android is. Explain NFC and tell them what is coming next. Also, on another note, since apple went after Samsung, Samsung should market the the Galaxy S 3 correctly. Samsung could say something about how people can buy a phone from the company that sells components used in the iphone.
          The people i know that are not in to smart phones kmow the iphone, and call Android phones ‘Droids’. Sammy needs to start marketing the Galaxy line so that they become the household name, not iphone and Droid.

          1. Oh my god,I can’t stand that. And then when you try to explain the difference between Android, a Droid, and the iphone, they just stare at you with a blank look on their face, right?


  7. The court now needs apple’s opinion before deciding something?

    1. Uh…yes? You think courts should rule without first hearing from both sides?

      1. Your honor we still don’t like Galaxy Nexus because it competes with our product. Thanks Apple! Google your whole company is banned from the United States for patent infringement. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. On second thought, collect the $200 and give $100 to Apple and $100 to Lucy Koh for a job well done.

  8. I read a bunch of reports on the web today that said the fix was JB and Google was going to push it to the Galaxy Nexus some time next week. If it’s true, all Apple did was move up Google’s time line.

  9. Who the hell runs these courts, Bubb Rubb & Lil Sis?

    1. The whistles go WHOOOOOOO!

  10. I am going to buy one next week.

  11. This tweet is trending. Copy and paste in your timeline

    RT Nine Reasons You Should Boycott Apple http://po.st/jbEkvs via @DavidAmerland @applenws @AppStore

    1. I have one reason I shouldn’t: I’m reading this on my iPad 2 :)

  12. I got my G Nex on 7-6 ha ha rotten apple

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