HTC falls short of Q2 forecasts, but still does alright


It looks like HTC might have had a rough Q2’12, if the latest unaudited financial report is to be believed. The company only amassed $247.7 million in profits that quarter which is down from $582.5 million in the same quarter in 2011.

From a more relative standpoint, profits were up from their Q1’12 efforts as they came up from $150 million. Revenue was up this quarter as the company gained $3 billion, and you can imagine the slim profits were due to a lot of R&D for the company’s 2012 smartphone lineup.

The HTC One series introduced a revamped portfolio which would look to help HTC long term. Their strategy is less, but better devices. With a smaller amount of devices on the market they can focus on quality of both manufacturing and marketing.

While we’re not sure it’ll be enough to spring them ahead of Samsung (or even Apple), it should help them maintain steady performance in a rapidly changing industry. Q3’12 will be an important one for HTC.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 will be launched in the United States this quarter and it will be tough competition for HTC. They’ll need to bring out some big guns to take it down. We’ll see soon enough if they’ve got what it takes to bring Samsung down a notch. Hit the source link for the full numbers.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Having a removable battery and an sdcard slot on all their phones would help. The lack of those is why I skipped the HTCs. I’m still using an Nexus One that is running well at 2.5 years old.

  2. I love my HTC One X. If HTC continue making phones as good as these and continue looking after customers with their great customer service i dont think they’ll have much problems.

    1. HTC needs to have a flagship on VZW, samsung did it right with the s3. All carriers getting the same phone, HTC needs to get in on that

  3. I am either sticking with my HTC Rezound, or shooting over to Windows Phone 8. Either way, I am stick with HTC.

    1. Good on ya, mate! I can honestly say I’ve never used anything than HTC — 2 years with Droid Incredible and now 6 months with Rezound (that screen!!). HTC hasn’t “done me wrong” so I I’m sticking with them.

  4. I think the HTC One x and Evo 4G LTE are great heavyweights….They kept the phones powerful but simple as far as, not too much flashy stuff software wise. Samsung on the other hand has built a gigantic reputation with its Nexus line, and Galaxy S phones. Software wise Touchwiz is a bit much, but on the S3 it seems outstanding and smooth but still software heavy. I see the HTC devices updating so much more faster then the S3 line of phones because of the difference in how much functionality the software provides. Now HTC focusing from a manufacturer of many devices to 1-3 or at max 5 devices, is a huge shift in the amount of money you are raking in. This was expected. I dont think they are losing billions they are just not breaking sales expectations like they have in the past. They are going the route of apple. sticking to focused flagship devices with compelling features, which werent so wow, but very great nonetheless. I feel it was totally wrong for HTC to release a microSD version on sprint, and should have been implemented across all HTC One devices. Next thing they are still coming with 1GB of ram for a Heavy UI. Samsung took it to the next level and gave 2GB to the american release of the S3. We need future proofing on these devices and smooth operation, not a limitation of 1GB of ram. I think next year they can do ten times better with the next HTC Flagship device. I’d be surprised if they make a new Nexus device loads better then rest of the phones coming, but thats just hopefulness. But I think they are doing great and just not breaking sales records, thats all.

  5. HTC’s got a great device, but they’re being artificially hamstrung in the US by the carriers. AT&T only has the lesser version of the One X, Sprint isn’t even selling it under the One X name, T-Mobile only has the One S, and Verizon has a crippled version of the phone. Essentially, the carriers have dictated to HTC that it is not allowed to compete on even terms with the Galaxy S3, and have thus already determined its fate in the US market.

  6. Lower the price to $99. The 2nd quarter will be yours. Also be the first to get jelly bean. You were the first to give ics to the vivid.

    1. Yes!! First to get Jelly Bean and stop the Sense to kill apps to quickly or even at all. Sick of reloading a website just because I reply a quick text…

  7. Dear HTC:

    Please avoid the carriers and sell your phones directly from the google play store, just like the galaxy nexus, that is exactly the reason I don’t have an HTC phone right now. I dont care about the Micro Sd seeing how a Gnexus doesnt have it, and Ive been fine without one.

  8. They should embrace their purchase of beats and do what HP has done with their laptops. Bulid in a better DAC, and have the best headphone jack around.

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