Motorola Atrix HD sign-up page appears, LTE handset headed to AT&T


AT&T hasn’t made any official statement on the matter, but Motorola has let the cat out of the bag on the next member of the carrier’s Atrix series of phones. A sign-up page has gone live on Moto’s site for the Atrix HD, a phone we have known up to this point by its codename, Dinara. The page gives us all the info we need on the device, detailing  its 1.5GHz dual-core CPU, 4.5-inch 720p display, and 8MP camera. LTE support is confirmed and furthermore we learn that the phone will carry 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage.

As mentioned before, we haven’t heard anything from AT&T on the matter, but chances are we could be getting an official announcement soon. Motorola has yet to pull the Atrix HD from their site, which suggests posting its information was no accident at all.

[Motorola via DroidLife]

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  1. 1780 mAh Battery. Meh! It looks so similar to the RAZR MAXX, with the curve on the back I was hoping to see a similar battery. Pass.

  2. I wonder what is the price tag?

    1. I have a feeling this is going to compete with the HTC Incredible 4G in the mid-upper range, in anticipation for the S3.

      1. Umm, incredible is verizon…

  3. Its a shame it only has 8gb internal space & does not specify if the 8gb is for the user or some for the phones use so less for the user?.

    1. Usually it is 8GB total, including the utilization of the OS. Should be about 5.5GB for the user if that’s the case.

  4. People keep talking about how they wished it had a bigger battery. I wonder how long the Razr Maxx battery would last if I used it. I get 3 days on the Gnex and 6 days on the iPhone 4.

    1. 3 days on the G-Nex? Do you just leave your phone at home and never touch it.

      On another note, I had an iPhone 4 for a short time and battery life is about on par with the g-nex.

      1. I mostly use it to check Twitter and send text. This how I normally use my phones. Also it is the GSM version. I use the Galaxy Nexus and the iPhone at the same time and when I use the iPhone the same that is when I see the 6 days of battery, I even have a screen shot of the iPhone’s battery usage from the other day. You have to understand that everyone uses their phone differently but over all I have seen 2 to 3 times the battery from my Gnex from the Nexus S and Nexus One.

        1. I would love to see that screen shot. Do you have one like Android that shows what consumed what percent of the battery. Because I honestly don’t believe 6 days unless you literally did nothing with the phone and put it in airplane mode. Same with the 3 days on the G-Nex.

          1. Ask and you shall receive my friend. I am sorry that I don’t have one from the Nexus, I had one I few months ago but I deleted it. I do have one where it had been on for 28 hours with 22% battery left and the main thing that uses battery is the Screen. Do you want the Nexus screenshot that I have? Also I never have my phone in Airplane mode and I always keep like 7 widgets on my home screens.


            Fun fact: The main thing that kills your battery is talking and using the internet (screen on and data connection on) but I have access to a computer all day and also 3 phones.

          2. That stat and screenshot doesn’t mean much without a battery graph. There are ways to flub those numbers.

          3. You asked for it so I gave it you to you. Your worse then a woman, damn. What else do you want ma’am. What other can this be proven and why would I try to flub the numbers, I’m not some fanboy trying to prove how my OS is better then yours.

          4. I’m just saying, it means almost nothing. I have owned an iPhone 3GS and 4. There is no way I could get 5 hours of on screen time and 5 days stand by off one charge. Never. Not even close. Even using Wifi. And the 4S has worse battery life from my experiences. Maybe if you connected one of those fat extended battery cases.

            And how about you stop being disrespectful?

          5. It’s a true story bro.

            No extra battery packs only a Casemate Pop Case.

            I was just as surprised as you.

          6. I don’t buy it, I call photoshop. The IPS display on the iPhone 4 with five hours of use on it would have decimated that battery. The only possible way this could be true is if it was completely disconnected from the internet, no 3g, no wifi.

          7. Sorry but it’s true and this is the only way I can prove it unless you live in Houston then I could show you. I have heard of photoshop but I don’t know how to use it, I would have tried to learned how but it cost to much. Right now I’m sitting at 78% after 37 hours. I didn’t think I was the only who saw these types of numbers until today.


            I just did this screen shot a few seconds ago.

          8. I just downloaded it but now we have to wait for 6 days because it doesn’t have any data.

          9. Well here are some screen shots of the Galaxy Nexus lasting for 66 hours and the iPhone lasting for 142 hours. I drained them until they both shut off and plugged in the charger and then took the screen shots.




            I really want to hear your opinion on this.

          10. You remembered! Thanks! That’s pretty impressive, although I see with the G-Nex you don’t really use the phone all that much. Fairly impressive none the less. Good job remembering.

          11. Yeah thats what I’m talking about. I used my Nexus One and Nexus S the same way but those would never last more then 24 hours.

          12. hmmmm. Nexus seems off to me. You are disconnected from the network up top but the output says you were connected almost the entire time to a perfect signal (im guessing 2g). Since you only looked at your phone a handful of times for no more than a few minutes at a time I guess it is plausible. The iPhone still doesn’t have enough data though. I could see that kind of battery life in airplane mode but thats it. I think it is strange too how you have periods where the iphone apparently didn’t use any power at all.

          13. I thought you were going to say something about the signal thing so I took another screen shot a second later. The signal was down because the phone was still booting up. I am never on 2G I live in Houston so I’m always on 3G+, I even have a T-mobile tower on the other side of the street. I don’t know what else I can do about the iPhone with iOS’s limited capabilities and all but I am always on 3G on AT&T and I have never used Airplane mode. That is why if you read my first comment I wonder how long a could stretch out the RAZR Maxx’s big battery with “my normal usage”.


          14. Well Jdog, you have me stumped on the iPhone. I guess it must be because nothing runs in the background when idle. The nexus is actually realistic with the limited use (40% idle) although still particularly good. You seem to have gotten a good one (a wednseday phone lol). The only other way I can see it is if you have an extended battery for the Nexus and a booster for the iPhone. I never use my phone that little so I wouldn’t know lol. I am lucky if I get a day out of my Nexus S but I am going to wait until the next round of nexus phone/s. I love this friggin thing still.

          15. One thing I did notice this morning is that I came to work at 7a.m. with 6% battery on my iPhone and at 11 or 12 it had only went down 2% but it is as you say, it doesn’t run anything in the background like my Nexus with all the emails, text, widgets, etc.

          16. In fact the closest I get to being able to photoshop is using the Picsay Pro app, Lol.

          17. I don’t think it’s photoshop. If you realize it is time since last full charge. So if he plugs it in for an hour here or there, it won’t count as a full charge. That’s why he needs a battery graph

          18. Oh good call. I forget that iOS doesn’t have as robust tools for battery and data monitoring as android. @jdog25:disqus , post the battery graph. I am interested to see intermittent charging times.

          19. LMAO, I downloaded it. You guys are really trying to prove me wrong. Today is a fun day.

            Edit: I know this is the internet and plenty of people lie but I don’t like being called a liar so I am going to keep the email where I got your reply and reply to the comment when my battery runs out again with a screen shot of the Battery Graph app.

            I can’t wait to see what excuse you guys come up with next. ;-P

          20. What intermittent charging times?

          21. What everyone is saying is that the iPhone displays (Time since last FULL charge). We are assuming that this has had several partials.

          22. I see, I see. Anyways I fully charged my iPhone and Nexus so that I can get some new data.

          23. I updated with screen shots showing the battery on the Nexus and iPhone in this post.

  5. Am I the only one that thinks the Atrix line keeps getting more and more disappointing? The original was great but the follow ups are sub par at best.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I was holding out for this to be my next phone. If it had the Maxx battery and NFC, I would buy it. Taking those two things out is a deal breaker for me. I’m waiting until the exact phone I want comes out.

    2. I concur. For the most part I love my original atrix as a phone. It’s still competitive spec wise with the newest phones, and the fingerprint sensor is a great feature. My biggest disappointment is that my recently purchased lapdock won’t launch the webtop, and moto support has been useless. The webtop itself could have been so much better. If they’d done straight HDMI mirroring, and then provided a linux desktop mode you could switch into, it would have been killer, but the webtop app is just a poor compromise. The cost of the accessories scared people away from what was maybe the best phone of 2011, and soured moto on pushing the line forward.

  6. Where’s Motorola’s flagship…? And when are they going to release bigger size screens ?

  7. Yay full onscreen buttons! Either Google is forcing other OEMs to add ing extraneous buttons on their phones to differentiate, or Motorola just gets it.

  8. The phone looks pretty sweet. until i saw the battery life 1709mAH? Are
    you serious Motorola? I was waiting to see the final picture of the
    design. but it looks like I won’t be buying due to the battery life. My
    1st Atrix which I still have and love have 1900 mAH battery. this is a
    poorly mistake. I’m still buying the iON I could care less bout old
    processor or GB 2.3 in it. i like the camera quick capture and the
    BRAVIA MOBILE screen.So long Motorola

  9. Don’t worry, moto will release an atrix maxx 2 months after the HD comes out.

    1. hahahah that joke is so fresh and original…

  10. This will have the best screen resolution. The first for a 4.5″ screen hd. Shit just got real.

  11. Hey noob, there is a reply button underneath my comments if you have something to say. Also what’s it to you if I have longer battery life then most people, my life doesn’t revolve around using my Nexus or iPhone as my main data device.

  12. I agree. Jdog needs to Stfu!

    1. About what I started off by saying “I wonder how long I can make the RAZR Maxx’s battery last”.

      What’s the harm in that noob?

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