After more delays, Sprint’s Galaxy S III available from all channels starting July 1


I think we’ve finally got it now, the official date that Sprint customers can walk into their local shop and plop down a couple hundo for the Samsung Galaxy S3. According to a post on the Sprint Community Forums, the 16GB version of the GS3 will be available in stores, online, and via telesales starting July 1st. The 32GB handset will be available online and through phone sales only. Pricing remains at $199 and $249 respectively.

There has been some confusion about the phone’s ship date after Sprint delayed the launch of the Galaxy S III on several occasions. The issue was further compounded through the fulfillment (or lack of fulfillment) of certain pre-order sales. For the sake of all those Sprint users awaiting the device, we hope this date sticks. And look on the bright side, at least now you will only have to wait 15 days to enjoy LTE speeds on your new handset.

[via Sprint]

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  1. Unfortunately they don’t support Google wallet apparently on the S3….. Glad I have my phone, but very disappointed with that.

    1. Sprint GSIII does support Google Wallet. Other carriers never got on board with Google Wallet.

  2. Bring Sprint LTE to all of San Francisco bay area along I-80 to Sacramento and I-5 to LA and we will sign a family contract.

    1. San Francisco is said to get it either late this year or early next year. No definite date, as of yet.


  3. I’ll be happy to walk in a Sprint store on Sunday and get my GSIII. Finally.

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