Samsung envisions over 10 million Galaxy S III handsets sold by July


The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been quite the popular handset during its initial weeks of release. Pre-orders and initial sales have been so high that Samsung has run into a bit of trouble keeping the device in stock in some regions and has experienced several launch delays. Still, the Korean mobile maker doesn’t think that will slow the GS3 train down.

In a statement made today, Samsung bigwig JK Shin said the company expects to sell over 10 million Galaxy S III handsets by July. At that point global rollout of the phone should be winding down with most major carrier partners around the world having launched the device.

[via Reuters]

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  1. I’ll wait for quad-core LTE version.

    1. So? lol.

    2. Why? The Snapdragon S4 is the best mobile SOC there currently is.

      1. Agreed.

  2. By the time they wise up and release the quad-core version the next group of Nexus phones with 4.1 will be out.

  3. Good luck, I’d consider buying one if it wasn’t so big.

    As a result, the only phone I’m interested in right now is the Incredible 4G.

    1. not everybody has girlie hands, some want a phone screen thats bigger than a watch face.

      1. My wife has girlie hands and loves the gNex size. At least this bloke has a choice in size, so more power to him…or her.

    2. My wife admittedly likes my SGS1 and the 4″ form factor over the larger phones. However, when I told her that the camera was very good and took pictures very fast she was sold. Later that night she was uploading pictures to print and most of them had been taken on her phone. That pretty much sealed the deal. She’ll learn to love the large screen.

    3. i know which device is perfect for you…. GALAXY NOTE!!!

  4. if it ever gets here

  5. It could be 10 million, and 1 if I could find a place around town that has one for me to buy. ;)

  6. The So was far superior from everything else on the market, that’s why it was so successful. The So is on par with devices that are already available, its still a top device, but no longer the ultimate power toy. The only reason I see Samsung selling 10 million devices by July is if they can keep up the hype created for the Galaxy line. This is very much the same reason iPhone sales are still so high, there are cheaper devices out there with the same or better specs, but they are not iPhones or Galaxy devices. Overall I see a now slightly dates Galaxy Nexus with an SD card slot and a lot of bloat ware.

  7. so 10 million makes it standard in my book, imagine the phones to follow, I wonder when we will see phones with adreno 450, and 1080p resolution.

  8. Sorry. There will only be 9,999,999, sold since I won’t be able to buy one. I’ll have to skip this generation and get the S4.

  9. I want this phone!

    1. You’re a MOD? Who are you?

      1. Why am I MOD?! This is crazy! Do I get special MOD powers now?

      2. He/she is MOD for another site, but Disqus lets us know of their special power.

        1. But why am I MOD? I promise that I’m not anyone special.

          I think DISQUS is just mislabeled…

          1. i don’t see the label next to your name, only next to his

          2. Weird it was just there a second ago…

            I think there’s a bug when you reply to a MOD it will display the MOD pic next to yours until the page is reloaded.

          3. And he’s one of our mods

          4. Huh? lol

        2. It only shows up on the site that you actually mod on. I help mod comments here and also mod on the forum side of things

      3. My name is Moderator, lol :) (sorry, inside joke)

  10. Too bad we can’t find one anywhere…. Thanks yet again AT&T.

  11. when does it come out?

  12. At least it has LTE. the SGS2 was released when LTE tech was already implemented in phones, yet Samsung left LTE out.

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