Huge new Dark Legends update lands


Dark Legends, the latest in the Legends series by Spacetime Studios, has enjoyed a fruitful launch, and it looks like a massive update is ready to land.

A blog post at their site detailed a new update that includes two new campaigns for users to sink their teeth into, a platinum sale, changes to energy, changes to allies, a platinum sale,  level cap raise that allows you to go up to 26, and a whole lot more.

The game was updated in the Google Play Store today but the changelog only mentioned minor changes and tweaks. Hopefully the changes are on their way very soon. Read on for the full list. [via Spacetime]

• Platinum is on sale for a limited time!
• The Dark Legends store has been rebalanced and made more affordable. Check out the store to see our new prices!
• $1.99 Platinum option now available.

• Two new campaigns are available. Defeat Kriegberg and his sun loving brethren!
• Level Cap Raised to 26!

Changes to Energy
• 3d mission no longer require energy to complete
• 3d missions are the only thing that gates progress now (must complete all the missions in a campaign in order to progress to the next campaign)
• Campaigns will now display a recommended minimum level to let the player know how hard a new campaign is.

• Players will still use energy on Allies.
• Allies are NPCs that the player unlocks when playing through a campaign. These Allies will assist the player by performing jobs for them.
• Players must decide what type of job they want their ally to perform. Each ally has 3 different jobs that they can do.
• Each of the jobs has a different amount of time associated with it but has the same energy cost.
• The more time a job takes the better the reward.
• If players do not pick up a job within a certain period of time after it is ready they will lose part of their reward.
• Having Allies perform jobs with the longest timers rewards an item, with a chance to get new legendary weapons.

Nightly Reward:
• Players will receive a nightly reward of cash and xp, but if the player successfully collects their nightly reward for 5 consecutive days they will earn a new random wearable.

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  1. This game really is pay to win. The devs also keep making new games and leave the other games stale with no new content for months.

  2. Zombie games are getting boring. To many of them. How bout robots now.

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