Firefox Beta for Android Updated – Bug Fixes and Stability, Flash Support Still Going Strong


Sliding in just before their “big” announcement at Google I/O, Firefox Beta has been updated for Android devices. Update: Although Mozilla’s changelog lists Flash as new to this update, apparently it was added last month. We do know that app was updated on the 22nd with the usual bug fixes that for some, add stability (but still no copy/paste functionality).

The UI for Firefox Beta has also been redesigned although, and although a bit of an eyesore, it’s supposed to be more intuitive. Mozilla is also touting the new Firefox Beta as faster than the stock Android browser but I guess you’ll have to try it and see for yourself.

When it comes to Flash, keep in mind pre-ICS Tegra 2 devices and tablets are not supported in this version. Oh, and Mozilla has updated the minimum requirements to Android 2.2+ devices for an “optimal experience.”

Seeing as how Firefox Beta for Android was just updated a few days ago, I have a feeling Mozilla has something completely different up their sleeves for I/O. B2G perhaps? No saying for sure, but we’ll keep you updated. You can find the newest version of Firefox Beta via the link below. Let me know if you’ve noticed any stability improvements.

[Play Store Link]

Chris Chavez
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  1. uhh…I’ve been using the beta for months with flash support and the redesigned UI (and the UI is much better than the older version of Firefox on android and much quicker).

  2. a little too late. Chrome has been here along time now. If only firefox did this since 2010-2011.

    1. Chrome doesn’t have flash support. If it did, I would use it.

    2. Chrome Beta is slower, laggier, and lacks flash support. I’d use Firefox for Android as my main browser if it wasn’t for the LQ flash video.

      1. So weird. Chrome has been super stable and hella fast with me while Firefox is super buggy..

        1. I have Galaxy Note and FireFox Beta hasn’t ever crashed on phone, but maybe I’m just lucky or your unlucky.


          The new Dolphin Browser Engine is also really fast and smooth, but crashes anytime I load flash content.

          1. #AndroidProblems

    3. Flash support or GTFO.

  3. i will stick with Opera until Chrome passed into the “usable” stage.

  4. (getting a not compatible with my device message)… Anyone know where I can get this to ‘side-load; it ?

    1. Hey, Greg. I uploaded it here for you:

      Let me know if it works :)

  5. Wow Phandroid really???? This article is a FAIL! Firefox beta has had flash support for the last few months you guys should do a bit of research before posting.

  6. Firefox’s support page says my phone (DROID X2) is compatible, but the Play store says it’s not. Not even the non-beta is letting me install.

    1. Firefox for Android is one of the buggiest browsers I’ve ever come across.. even when they update stability, it breaks compatibility with other devices -_-

  7. dont work on TF101 smh

    1. Firefox for Android is one of the buggiest browsers I’ve ever come across.. even when they update stability, it breaks compatibility with other devices -_-

    2. The tablet version of the new UI wasn’t ready for this release, but it will be in the next major update. You can already help us test it out in a nightly development snapshot from

  8. they updated firefox to version 14 now. instant open and scrolling is really smooth, but Page loading is really slow and some bugs on typing passwords and other kind of input.

  9. Wait for the winner after battle of Chrome and Firefox for androi!

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