If you’re still interested in a Galaxy Note on T-Mobile, you might still get lucky


If you’re still holding out for a Galaxy Note on T-Mobile, it looks like you might finally get what your heart desires. Cellphone Signal has quite confidently posted July 11th as the date, after getting their hands on some official looking photos of the phablet with the T-Mobile logo on it. And it should come with HSPA+.

How many of you are still have the Note on the top of your wishlist?

[via Cellphone Signal]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. So does T-mobile usually apply four button treatment to their devices the way AT&T always does?

    Does that offer any insight into whether this picture is real or not?

    1. I have AT&T GNote, it has a lots apps I can`t remove and it make it slower. I`ll never buy anymore device from the GSM carriers.. I`m going back to Sprint.

      1. This comment makes zero sense.

      2. The reason you can’t remove apps is because the phone you bought is running Gingerbread. If it were running ICS you could remove most of the bloat. The fact that that you bought from a GSM carrier is irrelevant for the facts that you stated…because the same would have been true of any Gingerbread phone on a CDMA carrier like Sprint. You act as if Sprint doesn’t put app bloat on their phones. But on any carrier if you root you can uninstall anything you want. So I agree with JamesS that your comment makes zero sense.

        1. I do realize that. But thank for your info.

          1. Plus going GSM you always have the option to buy your device straight from the manufacturer and stick you SIM card in. No bloatware that way.

            Don’t expect a device subsidy though. T-Mobile’s Value Plans are designed to compensate for that so when you buy a device at full price you get a drastically cheaper plan.

            SOME bloatware from carriers can be useful though. My favorite would have to be the WiFi Calling one on T-Mobile. That serves a very functional use.

  2. Meeeee! Butvim on Verizon…. maybe after they take my unlimited data

  3. I still can’t believe people don’t think 5.3in’s is toooo big!!!!!!

    1. thats what she said

      1. Ha ha!!

    2. That thing is like pressing a kindle fire to your ear. I’ll stick with my Galaxy Nexus.

      1. press a note to your ear then press a Kindle fire, then tell me it’s the same.

  4. I still can’t believe that you can’t believe that not everybody has the same preferences as you!

    1. I think the idea is that this late in the product cycle, the Note 2 is circling the rumor mills. Would be wise just to wait for it now.

  5. Not if there is a Note 2 in the wings

    1. eh tmobile wont see it till next year the way things are going lol

      1. That is why Android rules, root it and add your own stuff. Samsung is the hackers heaven. Easiest phones to root. Developers are all running towards the Samsung phones for that one reason. Samsung even has the leader from the CyanogenMod Team currently working for them.

  6. I own a galaxy note and I think that less than 5.3 inch is unacceptable now!

    1. Same here, every other phone seems puny now.

  7. That is a bad ass device. Love it. I am waiting for my SGS3 to arrive but I am a sick puppy when it comes to high end phones. I will get that beast. I hope it comes thru without the Carrier’s name all over it like the SGS3 did. I doubt it but you can’t have everything. Samsung has taken over the world. Apple Who????????

  8. Yes Tmobile uses for buttons… Always has since the G1.

  9. LOL… Four, stupid Swype.

  10. I thin TMO might as well wait for the Galaxy Note 2 since Samsung is already touting that coming out around the time next iphone is launched..Only thing 5.3 inch screen good for is when used a Navi or watching videos. Its way too big for being a phone.

  11. To purchase anything at this point in time with Gingerbread when Jelly Bean is about to be announced is just bad timing. ICS should be obligatory on your purchase check list at this stage.

  12. It should be a Galaxy Note 2 at this point. Snapdragon S3 doesn’t cut it anymore. I am holding out for what I hope will be the Galaxy Note 2 on Sprint to use my upgrade on. I’m thinking it will have a Snapdragon S4 Quad.

  13. My upgrade date is July 30. I was going to get the SIII but not for $279. Galaxy Note, here I come!

  14. @dkmdlb that my birthday, anyway u going to pay that because T mobile is not sell their top phone for nothing less. I paid that for the galaxy s3 Thursday plus more. Good luck

  15. I would never buy an android device without the current OS. That’s like buying a laptop that has windows 95. Hardware is really limited for Windows 95

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