What to expect from Google IO 2012 [Video]


Google IO is just around the corner and we will be in San Francisco getting all the goodies next week. But what exactly will we be seeing at Google’s developer conference? There is a flurry of new products, services and features expected to be announced, so we wanted to take some time to discuss everything with you.

The main expected and rumored announcements include that of Jelly Bean (Android’s next OS version), the Nexus Tablet, Google’s Assistant (Majel) and Google Project Glass. We know all the great news won’t end there, though. I am still waiting for my Android light bulbs and Android@Home products. Let’s hope we hear some more about that, as well.

We would like to see what everyone’s opinion is! What do you think Google will announce/do at this year’s Google IO? What are you most excited about? What would you like to see?

Also, remember we are giving away all our Google IO gifts. You definitely have to stay tuned for that, as you may end up with some of our goodies in your hands!

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  1. Hopefully they talk about the next nexus!!!! :D

    1. They usually just wait and announce it in a separate event later in the year. But maybe they will spill a bit of details! Who knows. If I had to guess, though, they will announce it/them during the winter. Much like in the past.

      1. Yo! Just a heads up. That story about the jeans with clear pockets crashes my gnex. IDK why but every time I try to open it my phandroid app crashes then my phone reboots. Its happened a few times and its the only place its ever happened. Might wanna check it out.

        1. It’s Robs fault… Remember its always Robs fault! I pushed an update to fix a lot if bugs and should be live very soon. The article not loading was from the gallery images which we updated to not display via app for now. Soon you will see awesome gallery support as well as better formatting in article views. Sorry for the issues and thank you for letting us know!

    2. Yeah, the biggest announcement about Android during I/O is usually not the new Nexus, but what the official logo looks like. Lulz.

    3. And if there really will be multiple Nexii? Nexus’s? Maybe they’ll even give us the plural form of Nexus!


  3. Multiple user accounts with selectable syncing. Not like it is now, but at the point of adding the account you select what to sync and the rest wont even show up. In order to see the other options you would have to re-add the account.

    1. This would be good. Not only for the reason you mention, but privacy is important. I hate it when people grab my tablet/phone and are able to see all my emails and private information.

  4. Anyone has an idea whose making the next nexus, and when it will be released ?

    1. I would imagine it would be released in mid-late Q4 just like the last couple Nexus phones.

    2. The latest rumor was that there would be five next nexuses made by five different OEMs. Probably coming out some time between October and December

      1. That would be cool, I’m guessing specs wise they will all probably be on par with the 1X and GS3 (hopefully)

      2. actually if you search on Google, then next nexus was accidentaly outed to be the galaxy nexus hspa+ , its going to be sold directly from Google at 400 dollars

      3. here’s one of the links to the article : http://www.androidauthority.com/android-jellybean-4-1-outed-via-galaxy-nexus-play-store-purchase-96776/ , although I wouldn’t take it too seriously, too early to tell what will happen

  5. I’m excited. Need to go through the schedule again to make sure I don’t miss anything really epic.

    1. Lol. Should be really awesome. Have fun in there, bro! Wish I could go with you guys!

      1. I’ll miss you man! Look for me… I’ll be behind Chris’s hair.

  6. These is a flurry of new products, services and features expected to be announced, so we wanted to take some time to discuss everything with you.”

    Proof read?

    1. Thanks for catching that one, bro. I kinda posted this at 3 am my time. Lol. Really sorry, though.

  7. Make time go faster!

    1. We are working on that feature! Maybe with the next Site update ;) lol

    2. Congratulations, you guessed one of the many new features found in Android 4.1 Jellybean. :P

  8. I just hope beyond hope that there’s a 10 inch tablet too, not just the 7 inch. All signs pointed to Microsoft announcing a 7 inch tablet and it turned out to be bigger. We know the 7 inch exists, but hopefully theres a bigger version too. Variety: the spice of life

  9. What happened to the rumor stating that there would be 5 Nexus devices?

    1. Left it out of the video because nexus devices usually don’t get announced at io. All signs are pointing towards the same this year. With the tablet being a rare exception due to its nature. That rumor is still standing, though!

    2. The Asus Nexus tablet aside, there’s a chance the 5 Nexus devices in Q4 will be supporting Android “Key Lime Pie” instead of Android Jelly Bean, since Jelly Bean is only their mid-year update and is more or less the same to Ice Cream Sandwich as Gingerbread was to Froyo. I don’t think they’re ready to announce those 5 devices without the second yearly update.

      Actually, now that I think about it, the other major device that I think we may see are the Android based smart TVs.

  10. :)

  11. All that and Chrome integration, GTV updates, and definitely a maps update. I’m hoping for good news on a 7″ Nexus tablet and a Nexus phone, getting close to updating both devices.

  12. Jelly bean better include better long term cache management. The current cache management is this: fill ‘er up!

  13. GOOGLE kicks ass….just sayin

  14. If 5 nexus devices get released… im so getting the HTC Nexus off contract. Will probably have to sell my GS3 for it though

    1. I definitely miss htc’s build quality. Though I love my galaxy nexus, it just doesn’t feel the same…. :(

      1. Get the GSM version whatever you do. I think the Verizon Galaxy Nexus is a fail. I wish I bought the unlocked GSM versioin of the phone and stayed with T-Mobile. The battery life on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus sucks. I can’t get much over 8 hours with small usage using the extended battery. Using Juice Defender is a big help, but I have issues trying to get LTE with Juice Defender in places where the LTE signal is strong. I have to reboot the device to get the LTE connection.

        LTE is inconsistent. T-Mobile’s HSPA+ is better than Verizon’s LTE as far as dependability. And the speed difference is not that noticeable since HSPA+ is fast enough (usually get around 5Mbps).

    2. Maybe Google should get some of the manufacturer’s together to build the ultimate Nexus device. Imagine a Nexus with HTC build quality and Beats audio, Samsung Super AMOLED Plus 720p screen and Exynos quad-core processor, Motorola RAZR thinness and battery life. This would be an unlocked device available on Google Play and would work for all carriers (support LTE – all bands, CDMA – all bands, and GSM – all bands). This would be the ultimate world phone.

      1. HTC feel and Motorola build quality, those things are indestructible!

  15. WWDC what? It’s time for a beatdown with Google I/O!

  16. Since Google Assistant was previously known as Majel, will it be modeled after the voice of Majel Barrett Roddenberry. If so, that would be great having the Star Trek computer reply to you.

    I just want to know why everyone makes such a big deal about Siri. People see these canned demos on television or WWDC and think Siri has a personality. Siri has canned responses. People I know that use it don’t seem to like it. Very often, Siri doesn’t understand them. I tried using Siri and find its voice recognition inferior to Android’s voice recognition capablitlies. I have used Google’s voice recognition for text messaging and find it much more accurate.

    1. Accuracy, usefulness, innovation and all that….the masses don’t give a flying F*** about that. They only care about what the advertising says it is. Since google hardly advertises any of its android features, its not hard to believe that most people think Siri is good. Ignorance is bliss as they say.

  17. If you mean further showcasing of Project Glass, then I agree. The project itself is still too early IMO to launch. It has been said they hope for sometime next year to launch a product, but no guarantees.

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