Jun 24th, 2012

Google IO is just around the corner and we will be in San Francisco getting all the goodies next week. But what exactly will we be seeing at Google’s developer conference? There is a flurry of new products, services and features expected to be announced, so we wanted to take some time to discuss everything with you.

The main expected and rumored announcements include that of Jelly Bean (Android’s next OS version), the Nexus Tablet, Google’s Assistant (Majel) and Google Project Glass. We know all the great news won’t end there, though. I am still waiting for my Android light bulbs and Android@Home products. Let’s hope we hear some more about that, as well.

We would like to see what everyone’s opinion is! What do you think Google will announce/do at this year’s Google IO? What are you most excited about? What would you like to see?

Also, remember we are giving away all our Google IO gifts. You definitely have to stay tuned for that, as you may end up with some of our goodies in your hands!