Jun 23rd, 2012

Just when you think people can’t come up with weirder stuff, you run across mouth-opening concepts. Enter the next generation of jeans for tech enthusiasts. The Delta415 Wearcom jeans come to alleviate all your smartphone usage problems. These bad boys will let you use your smartphone without even pulling it out of your pocket.

The extraneous pair of pants feature a transparent pocket that is covered by a zipped piece of cloth. Upon unzipping the pocket, you will only find a transparent layer separating you from your precious smartphone. And what is even more interesting is that one can operate touchscreen devices through this transparent film.

Aside from using your phone in the rain, we really don’t see too much use for these. The feature seems like a luxury, or even a “gimmick.” We suppose it would be a cheater’s dream during a test, or convenient just for using it in the bus or any similar situation. But for $160, this pilot-pocket-inspired pants come at a very high price.

So what do you guys say? Would you get some of these? I can totally see Chris rocking these pants.

[Source: Alphyn Via: Gizmodo]